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Krish Dhanam on Searching For Hope In Turbulent Times

Krish Dhanam

Krish Dhanam, author of The American Dream from An Indian Heart, motivational speaker, and one of only two executive coaches who was personally trained by Zig Ziglar, delivered with wit, humor and wisdom, his message Searching For Hope In Turbulent Times to over 5,000 attendees yesterday at Germain Arena.  In an easy to follow format, he outlined his message with the acronym G.R.A.C.E.  Here is a summary of his talk from the notes I took while in the audience.

Searching for hope requires standing for timeless principles.

G. – Genuine Leadership.  Be a leader who stand for timeless principles, and is not swayed by popular trends or political correctness.

R.- Restored Relationships.  He encourages fathers to be there for their children.  To reunite their families by blessing their children.  He shared a blessing he gives to his own son every night.  Whether at home or on the phone he says, “You’re mine and I love you.  You’re terrific and I’m proud of you.”

A.- Amicable Partnerships.  Understand the emotional side of partnerships.  He suggested that hope without gratitude is false hope.  He encouraged each of us as leaders, not to look to get up to the elite, but to look behind us and bring people from where we were to where we are now.

C.- Complete Ownership.  Look at yourself and ask yourself what you can do.  Take responsibility.  Look at who is in your inner circle and remember to praise them.  Don’t be concerned with criticism from others.  Remember if you have never done anything, you will never be criticized.

E.-  Effective Stewardship.  We are all entitled to the banquet but only our character will keep us there.  Have character and focus on responsibility.  Be a slave to discipline.  He shared an example of the discipline he has in his own life by getting up at 4:30a.m. everyday which he has been doing for years.

To close he encourages each of us with this message: “Plan with attitude.  Prepare with aptitude.  Receive with gratitude.  That should be enough to separate you from the multitudes.”

I would encourage you to read this Book Review to learn more about Krish and his work, or consider attending a Get Motivated Seminar in your area to see Krish speak in person along with many other motivational speakers such as Lou Holtz, Zig Ziglar, Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Gen. Colin Powell, and Rick Belluzzo.