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The Power of Laughing at Yourself in Business

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Have you ever messed up in your business and beat yourself up over it?  We all have.  Here is a short story that is sure to make you laugh when I blew it big time and how I handled it.  I hope it helps you too!

When I launched the University of Moms in 2012, I did so with a virtual summer camp for moms. I invited ten notable speakers to present during this week-long event online, including me, and I was presenting a special segment on my birthday, July 11.

I was so excited and prepared as we had many people registered for the event. I had my notes, I had my call-in number, and I had my emails prepared. I called in at the right time, 12:00. I saw all of the people who were anxiously waiting to hear how to stop reacting and start living more peacefully. I welcomed everyone to the call.

Slowly, one by one, people were hanging up. We were down to next to no one, and finally the last person hung up. I plowed ahead, determined to finish the class on how I was able to stop reacting and find more peace at home, and closed it out with, “Thank you all so much for joining me.  I appreciate each and every one of you!”

I hung up the call feeling discouraged and defeated and went to listen to the replay, because, despite that no one was on at the end, I thought I had done a good job delivering the message.

After downloading the mp3 file and launching my Windows Media Player to listen, all I heard was music. “This is weird,” I thought. “How is this possible?”

I kept listening, until I realized that I had forgotten to take all of the listeners off hold. That is why they were hanging up. All they could hear was the repeating track of hold music and no one could hear me!

Now I really felt defeated. What was I going to do? It looked, to them, like I was a flake and I had totally missed my birthday class. After all, as far as they knew I didn’t show up.  My mind immediately jumped into solution mode…how could I fix it? Immediately!

It was then that I realized that this is the way business is. We have to often put ourselves out there and allow ourselves to fail, sometimes in the face of others, and then laugh and say, “Oh well, I tried. Next time I’ll remember to take people off hold.”

I sent out an email admitting my mistake and re-inviting people back to another call later that evening. That call went off without a hitch and everyone enjoyed it. Part of the benefit, I now realize, was allowing people to see me fail, admitting it and moving forward anyways knowing that it was okay. No I wasn’t perfect.  Yes, I could fix it and I could still be successful.

In your business today, know that the end result is not perfection. What you’re aiming for is action. Take action each and every day knowing that sometimes you’ll forget to take people off hold and sometimes people might hang up on you even when you’re not on hold. That’s okay. It’s all a process for our own inner development.  Your business gives you a chance to get better.  When you are willing to try and fail forward.  Be unwilling to quit.  Stubbornly unwilling to give up.

Have confidence in yourself knowing that each time you hit a roadblock, you’ll learn something new. Each time you’ll present your business better. Each time you’ll give your share your products in a way that’s more relatable and more exciting to your customers. But you can only get there through practice.

What are you planning to do each and every day to move your business ahead? Let go of the end result. Every day, do something that’s going to push you outside of your comfort zone.

I’m excited to announce that yesterday Jessica Higdon and my book, The Networking Revolution: 5 Ways Women are Changing their Lives Through Home Business Ownership, shot up to #10 on the Amazon best-seller list.

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It may seem like this happened overnight, but for six years now I’ve been working hard.  I’ve had some successes and more failures (or opportunities to learn what I can do better) than I’d like to admit.  For six years now I’ve made mistakes like forgetting to take people off hold and making a fool of myself, and speaking to groups where nobody liked me. That’s okay. I didn’t let it discourage me. I just learned and moved forward.

You do the same today. I’m cheering for you. I can’t wait to see how amazing you are as you challenge yourself and grow your business. Let your light shine and let others be attracted to you. You are beautiful. Have an amazing day.