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What I Learned From Dog Training Will Help You Build Your Business

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What I Learned From Dog Training Will Help You Build Your Business

Jim and I are working with a dog trainer, Matt, to help Monty overcome some anxiety issues. I’m learning so much and thought I’d give you a few quick tips that EXACTLY apply to getting your business to obey you too.

In our case when Monty was barking at another dog or showing anxious behavior, I would pet him and talk softly to try to calm him down.  Did you know that’s exactly what NOT to do! Why?  Petting means, “Yes, I like that, keep doing it,” to a dog.  So of course he’d keep doing that behavior, I’m telling him to! In your business don’t keep doing the things that aren’t working  It might feel good, but if it’s not producing the results you want figure out what you are doing wrong!

This I had to laugh at, when Matt said WE were the problem. Wait, what? Yes. The good news is that when we start to change what we are doing Monty will follow our lead. So if you’re business is not ‘working’ for you. Guess who is the problem…the business or YOU? I’ll leave it at that.

We had fallen into a thinking pattern to expect that he was going to be anxious. Walking him was a mission of trying to avoid all triggers, like scooters, bikes, other dogs, cars, kids, and the list goes on. Instead of projecting this energy, we need to assume a posture of confidence and leadership. When a trigger is approaching, take on a playful, curious attitude and he will sense that everything is alright. In your business prospecting expect great results. If you’re feeling anxious, others around you will feel anxious too. Act in confidence.

The good news is that after just a few sessions we’re already seeing a lot of progress. You can too! Stop waiting for others to change. YOU start to shift what you do and how you act towards other and you’ll see your business start to obey you.

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