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What I learned from Ted Nugent

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Born in 1977 and having just celebrated my 40th birthday when I met Shemane, my now business partner, I had no idea who Ted Nugent was. This legend in rock and roll had significant popularity before I even graced the planet in human form. Nonetheless, I have come to appreciate and respect the passion that he has for something he’s been succeeding at for over 40 years. Now I may not agree with all the political opinions that come in part of the Ted Nugent brand, but what I do agree with, is his passion for helping people live happier, more passionate lives, for taking responsibility for their own actions, for working hard to make their lives great. Those are things we can all get behind. And here’s the thing I heard at his concert, the night of my 40th birthday, which still rings in my head today.

He looked out at the crowd and said, “You are the best crowd I’ve ever had, and you inspire me. But even if you weren’t here, these guys, my band, they would inspire me. And even if the band wasn’t here, this guitar, it can inspire me.” Isn’t that an amazing message? That while the external world may cheer for you, or maybe some days through tomatoes, or boo at you, it doesn’t matter, because you can turn out the noise. You can focus on your passions and deliver them with excellence, clarity of mind and passion, and let people think whatever they may.

If there’s one thing I know about Ted Nugent, it’s that he is not in the business of people-pleasing. He is confident that the music he writes and wrote years ago, still continues to inspire. He believes the guitar licks he has written are the best on the planet, and he knows that when he is on stage he is giving 110% to each and every concert he gives, over 6,000 of them to date.

So what did I learn from Ted Nugent? That to make my life great, I need to turn up the volume on the inside of what inspires me. I need to believe that the products and the service I have to offer are some of the best on the planet, and I have to believe that whether people love me or hate me, it’s okay, because what matters at the end of the day, is the person looking back in the mirror at me, is satisfied, feels that they’ve maximized the gifts they’ve been given and they didn’t leave one ounce of power out there for others to squash.

Thank you Ted for your inspiration, thank you for singing Happy Birthday to me, and thank you for being a powerful force in the world, for good, for happy healthy lives, for responsibility for one’s actions and for making the world a better place. I appreciate you.

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