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Let's Be Honest….

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Are you good at taking care of you, or do you frequently meet other’s needs first?   Take this survey and see if you might need to start taking better care of you.  You may find your answers are very similar to others.  The results will pop up afterwards.  Click Here to go back to the Welcome page.  Click Here if you want to participate in 2 more polls.

Many women are not used to putting themselves first.  How can you know if this is true for you?  Sit and listen to your feelings.  If you are feeling angry, resentful, lost, guilty, or that you don’t matter anymore it is most likely because you are meeting everyone else’s needs before your own.  Let this mark the beginning of your journey back to you.  Click Here to sign up for our newsletter and claim your 2 free gifts today!  It is possible, but only if you see that it is your duty to put yourself back on the priority list.  Others will be glad you did!