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The Love Challenge Book

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Writing this Lenten Love Challenge has been one of the most enriching things I’ve done for myself recently. Taking time to explore my inner world, reflect on God’s thoughts towards me and step away from the trap of trying to earn His love and approval has been so rewarding.

I’m actually sad that it’s over. But the good news is that I am revising it into a book that we can revisit again and again to reconnect with God’s love for us. Be on the lookout for that very soon. Today I wanted to gift you this entire challenge in one blog so you can pay it forward and share it with others.


Day 1: Lenten Love Challenge

Day 2: Being Seen

Day 3: Seeing God Rightly

Day 4: What Your Feelings Are Telling You

Day 5: Understanding Self-Love

Day 6: Self-Love and Judging Rightly

Day 7: Boundaries and Betrayals

Day 8: Spending Time Alone

Day 9: Overwhelmed by God

Day 10: The Power of Asking

Day 11: Hiding From God

Day 12: Knowing Your Truth

Day 13: Irrevocable Gifts

Day 14: The Answers are Within

Day 15: Choosing Truth

Day 16: Wait for the Miracle

Day 17: Doing the Next Right Thing

Day 18: It Starts Inside

Day 19: Enduring Hard Things

Day 20: Half Measures Availed Us Nothing

Day 21: If Nothing Changes…

Day 22: When God Ran

Day 23: Respecting The Gift

Day 24: Knowing Home

Day 25: Love Without Fear

Day 26: It’s Not You

Day 27: Choosing Courage

Day 28: What if….

Day 29: It’s Not The Thing

Day 30: More Questions Than Answers

Day 31: Love Above All

Day 32: Love and Tolerance

Day 33: Choosing Persistence

Day 34: Now Go and Remember

Day 35: Accepting Reality

Day 36: A-Hole or G-Hole

Day 37: Unspeakable Love

Day 38: Love Money

Day 39: Remember Your Chains

Day 40: God is Here

BONUS: I’m Not Like Jesus At All

Thank you again for your generosity to read, comment and share. Word of mouth is the most powerful messaging we have, even still today in this busy world full of distractions and disconnect. Human to human, love and concern, sharing and caring, will never be automated.

If this has meant something to you please comment below. Please send this blog to a friend. It is our moral obligation to spread God’s love to the world. This is an easy way to do it. Bless someone today.