My Life is a Mirror

A mirror, reflecting a vase.
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“My life is a mirror.” I recently heard of this concept and I wasn’t quite sure what it meant.  So I started thinking.  What is a mirror’s only purpose?  To reflect back what is in front of it.  Does a mirror have a choice in what it reflects?  No.  Whether you hang that mirror next to a window so it can reflect the beauty of the outdoors or whether you hang it next to a garbage dump, the mirror will do the same thing without feeling or judgment.   This is a pretty basic concept in the physical realm.

On a larger scale, did you know that the principles we can observe in the physical realm are parallel to that of the spiritual realm (if you are keen enough to notice them) .  What does it mean, “My life is a mirror”?  My life is reflecting back, without feeling or judgment, what is being held in front of it.  Does life have a choice what it will reflect?  No.  Who is the one who decides what it is reflecting?  You!  So if you take a closer look, what your life reflects back to you shows you who you are.  Do you like what you see?  I hope so!  If you work with it, rather than deny the reality of it, it can be a great tool for self-improvement.  As Louise Hay says, “The people in my life are really mirrors of me.  This affords me the opportunity to grow and change.”

So today, rather than blaming the mirror of your life, people who mistreat you and situations that make you upset, allow the mirror to show you what you can change.  Forget trying to change everyone else or thinking that if some situation resolved to your expectation then you could be happy.  Realize that you have the power to change yourself (and no one else).  As you do your mirror will reflect something different, new and beautiful.   Today look at life with a new set of eyes, as a mirror would, and reflect on its image as it appears to you, without judgment or feeling.  Are others routinely the cause of your unhappiness?  If so, what can you do for yourself to change that?  Do you enjoy your friends?  Or are those you associate with most frequently negative or gossipy?  Could that be a reflection of you?  Do you live life peacefully or always in a state of drama?  For either answer, what does that say about you?

For me, I noticed that I was always getting frustrated with my children.  I blamed it on having 3 girls.  I blamed it on their personalities.  I blamed it on such a busy schedule.  I blamed it on…..  Until I woke up and realized that it was me.  This is how life was reflecting me back to myself!  It wasn’t that I needed to change them, I needed to change me!  So I slowed down.  I decided to take the more peaceful route, instead of always getting frustrated or rushing.  I learned how to listen better and to be more patient.  I learned how to eliminate things that were making me too busy.  And guess what?  The girls are now getting along better!  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  It’s not perfect, but I finally accepted responsibility for the drama, and instead of yelling at them, started working on me.  I challenge you today to find something that you can accept responsibility for in your life.  Then, instead of trying to fix it, notice the reflection of you and see what changes you can make for yourself.  It is empowering and will bring dramatic changes to your life.  I promise.

“Life is good.  And so it is.”  ~Louise Hay