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A healthy child napping in her room nearby
A cup of hot green tea sitting on the table next to me
A quiet house, a clean house, a sunny day
No dogs barking, no phone ringing, no tv or music to distract myself from me.

A thoughtful mind, a thankful mind
A pen in hand
Ideas come rushing, I cannot write fast enough
Expressing my gratitude for all the beauty in life that surrounds me.

I am so grateful.

A loving husband
Happy children
Nourishing food
Friends and family in abundance

This moment could not be better
No money or fame or place could increase my inner happiness right now.
I have love to give, faith to stand on and a horizon ahead that is big and bright.

Thank you for this moment and the ability to perceive it…
…to be aware of THIS moment for it is perfect.

This article popped up as a suggested read so I read it and liked it.  It does sum up part of what a new mother (or any mother) feels and how overwhelming it can be, with a message of slowing down and enjoying the moment.  I will try to link articles to as many posts as I can for your enjoyment and education.   Read on….

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