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My Annual Review

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The Christian life does not require that we possess perfection of character, or else, which of us would be able to live it? What it does require is honest, genuine striving for that perfection. ~Emmet Fox

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a full year since I wrote this post 40 Lessons I Learned in 40 Years. That must mean I am turning 41?! Say it ain’t so!

Reading through that list was a good reminder of how far I’ve come and that the things I’ve learned no one can take away from me. My therapist Nancy said that recently, no matter where you go in life, everything you are goes with you. That goes for the good…and the…well…things you’d like to improve.

Last night I was feeling a bit reflective, and I shared this post on FB. It details, in a small way, how I feel about this next year. What do I hope for this next year? Who do I want to be? What are my assets and what have been my liabilities?

The truth is as long as we’re willing to grow along spiritual lines our lives can and do get better. It is only when we are solely relying on our human strength that failure and frustration can be a constant companion. And that has probably been my lifelong Achilles heel. “Don’t worry God. I’ve got this!”

Last year at this time though, I had no idea (or intention) of writing another book. Much less a Christian book! Yet I did and it has reignited a new and more mature faith flame than I’ve had in a very long time.

But I now also feel like I had an unwanted pregnancy (and love this baby like my own child) and have committed to market it up to adulthood.

Which is why I am giving it away FREE.

So that is just one reminder to expect the unexpected. What will this next year bring? I don’t know. Can I predict it? No way. Can I trust that God will never leave me or forsake me?  Absolutely!

And that is my focus this next year. Wear life like a loose garment. Don’t hold too tightly to what you think should be. Let go of the hustle and forcing your will onto life’s unfolding. Slow down and say, “Thy will, not mine, be done.”

I am also going to focus on cultivating a richer prayer life. I have historically not been much of a pray-er. If you know what I mean. I’m a writer and a thinker and a reader…but on my knees, listening to God, asking for His help and guidance. Not so much.

I’ll share this final quote from the book The Sermon on the Mount by Emmet Fox that I read last night and made a lot of sense to me, on this topic of prayer.

“To pray scientifically is to keep affirming that God is helping him, that the temptation has no power against him, and constantly claim that his own nature is spiritual and perfect. This is ever so much more powerful than merely to invoke the help of God. In this way moral regeneration and spiritual unfoldment will go hand in hand.”

It reminds me of a verse, “No weapon formed against me can prosper…” and while I know that concept is taken out of context in certain churches, I do believe that it means don’t focus on what you think is a weapon. It has no power. Only the power you give it by focusing on it.

Use all of life as an opportunity to learn. Acknowledge that God is helping you and see your spirit as perfect -allowing the human garbage to be thrown out and cast aside so the true you, the pure and refined you, can shine through above all.

Cheers to another year ahead. Age is just a number. Learning is most important.