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Navigating the Path Together

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As I was writing this morning I ended with this:

We are on this journey together, navigating, fellow journeymen, on the trail together.  Different paths have led us to this one that we now embark on together for a while.  This time is precious, it is a gift.  We can enjoy the companionship that this trail offers, let me carry your pack for a while…while we talk.  You have been on some difficult trails, you have climbed well, you are here….now….and you made it.  We can navigate this route.  Like an experienced hiker, trodding the same trail for the 100th time, with a knowingness of where the traps are and the pot holes and the slippery slopes, let me walk next to you and help you to make the distance, that is difficult to walk alone.  Then when you are there, you can go and help another.

The essence of coaching is this.  Traveling the path together.  If you need a traveling partner, I am here to help.  Let me carry your pack for a while and listen.  Let me ask you questions and listen and hear what you have to say.  I will travel along side you, and together we will reach our destination.  Have a great week!

Please contact me at if you need a traveling partner on your own personal journey.