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Network Marketing IS Buying Local

14 7 28 Network Marketing is buying localHere in Florida I have the opportunity to go to a local u-pick in the winter and get fresh strawberries and tomatoes right off the vine. I don’t have to defend my choice to do so and in fact most people would applaud anyone who is committed to buying and selling locally.

So why do direct marketing professionals face such negative stigma? I heard a recent statistic that 97% of people are either negative or neutral to network marketing. Weird since they are just business owners like any florist, realtor or lawyer you might do business with.

No one would argue that it is more beneficial for everyone to buy fruit at a farmer’s market than at Wal-Mart. So why wouldn’t it be better to buy a necklace from a friend who has a Stella and Dot business than buying a similar item from Charming Charlie’s?

That’s my point! It IS better.

So the next time you are considering buying a product that is available through a direct selling company find a representative and buy from them. You are circumventing the entire system of advertising and mass marketing and you are supporting the local business.

Need a monogrammed tote or purse? Visit Cherie Rodriguez from Thirty One.

Need a unique jewelry piece? Visit Rachel Cairney from Stella and Dot

Want to lose some weight? Join Chris Brogan on his 90-day challenge and he’ll help you.

Are you curious about essential oils? Visit Casey Sollock and she’ll show you how to use them.

Where do you buy makeup, bath products and skin care? Walgreens, Dillards, Bath and Body Works or Target? STOP! Consider supporting Lisa Brink. She’s a SAHM with a 7-week-old baby and a 4-year-old and she’s building a killer online Avon business.

I could list on and on, but I’ll stop there.

Just realize that many of the items you routinely buy from large department and boxed stores could be bought for the same price or less and are often a much better quality if you purchased them through a local network marketer.

Let’s make a commitment to support our network market business professionals.  That is really buying local!