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How to Never Be Impatient Again with Your Business

How to Never Be Impatient Again with Your Business

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How to Never Be Impatient Again with Your Business

Human nature is such that we want the most out of life with the least amount of effort. It’s why people believe that a pill can help them get into their skinny jeans. It’s why people think that they can invest in a house for $5, rehab it, and sell it for $5 million. It’s why they believe that relationships are easy, and when they’re not they end them.

In the coaching world make this distinction between human nature and human success. Human success says that in order to succeed in life you have to put in effort and you’ll receive back in proportion to the amount of effort you have put into any endeavor. There is no circumventing this principle.

Here’s where the trick is. Even when you’re not reaping the rewards and you’re putting in the effort, this is where you implement patience and you practice the art of loving where you are. When you go out and work for a day in your garden, let’s say, and you dig out all of the weeds and you’re sweating and you’re mulching the ground and you’re planting new seeds, do you expect to reap the harvest tomorrow? Do you understand that there is a season when planting and weeding and watering and waiting are necessary in order to reap the harvest? I’ve seen so many people who trip up in this business because they are lead to believe that they can be an overnight success.

Maybe you’ve seen the fourteen pictures of women we featured in The Networking Revolution: 5 Ways Women Are Changing Their Lives Through Home Business Ownership and you say “Yes! I want that too”. And you get impatient. Hold up.  ust do what you need to do everyday to make it happen. Trust the process.

Here’s the truth. All of these women experienced significant challenges while growing their home businesses and yet, none of them quit. They all had hard times. They’ve all gone through ups and downs in their sales cycles and with their teams and they’ve all weathered the storms that any business owner would weather.

The difference is they had patience and they stuck with it. They loved where they were, knowing that where they are now is not where they’re going to be.

The seeds you plant today are sure to bring forth a harvest soon. How soon? Right on time. Exactly when it is supposed to happen.

The number 1 way to relieve stress as you’re growing your business is to simply love where you are right now. Know that where you are is exactly where you’re meant to be and look for the lessons that you can learn right in this exact place.

Ask yourself, “What do I need to learn from this moment?”

When you tap into that energy and you learn what you need to learn, you won’t be in that place much longer. You’ll move up and on to the next challenge. When you love that challenge and you look for what you’re supposed to learn, you will, guess what, get up to the next level because every space in life has its lesson for you to learn.

It is perfectly formulated to get you exactly where you need to be if you trust the process. The only way you won’t win is if you quit. If you stick with it and you have patience and you make a promise to yourself to not judge, to not be jealous, to not look at others, or think, “When is my time,” and say, “I love what I’m doing. I love where I am and I’m excited to grow,” you will find that you grow faster than you had ever conceived possible.

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