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How to Never Run Out of Leads and Grow Your Network Infinitely

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The biggest problem for most network marketers is the belief that they don’t know enough people. Maybe you have said that too. When someone starts their network marketing business, an average person has 300 contacts. Now let’s think of that as a good starting place, instead of “Oh my goodness. I don’t know enough people.” You’ll realize that just from those people you currently know, you have an infinite source of leads.

“How can that be true?” you might ask. Well let’s break it down into three simple steps to grow your network:

Number 1. Accept your starting place as a springboard to infinity. Wherever you are now, whether that’s 50 contacts, 100 contacts, or 1,000 contacts, know that that’s the starting place. Each and every day you have the opportunity to meet more people online or in person. You never know who you’ll meet or who that person will introduce you to. That’s the magic of building a network, so don’t be discouraged if you’re starting with a small network. Realize that your network can grow, and that’s a good thing.

Number 2. Use yourself as a growth indicator for your network. Look at who you’re attracting, and only analyze it from the sense of a mirror showing you who you are. If the people you’re attracting into your life are complaining, and they’re negative, and they’re closed minded, the only thing you need to do is take a look at you. Are you closed minded? Do you not want to hear new information? Are you close to new opportunities? Then that is why you’re attracting those types of people. However, if you’re attracting positive, happy, open minded, entrepreneurial people you’ll know you are on the right track. The only thing you need to do is continue to grow yourself each and every day. The person you are becoming will continue to attract new types of people, and that is also a good things.

Number 3. See each person as the portal to an entire new network of people. Every person knows people, and the cool thing about networking. If you meet someone who’s positive, happy, open minded, and entrepreneurial, who do you think are the people that that person knows? They are likely the same types of people. But if you’re talking to someone who is negative, crabby, pessimistic, and closed minded, chances are the network of those people are also crabby, negative, closed minded, and pessimistic. So look for people who have positive, like-minded qualities that you are attracting, and then start helping them help you introduce to their network.

I always say “This may or may not be for you, but it might be for someone you know. Would you be willing to take a look? Would you be willing to have a 20-minute phone call? I would so appreciate your time.” That is the golden phrase that has helped me land a lot of new customers and business builders.

So today, know that you have the potential to build your network to infinity. If you’re always on the lookout to meet people online and in person; if you use who you’re attracting to help you see more clearly who you already are; and if you are willing find those positive, happy, motivated people and help them introduce their network to you; you will have an unlimited source of leads.