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No Such Thing As Failure

No Such Thing As Failure

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No Such Thing As Failure

The master is willing to fail. There’s a saying that goes:

[su_quote]The master has failed more times than the novice has tried.[/su_quote]

If you want to be a master at anything, you’re going to have to try a lot of things. To be sure, you’re going to fail at many of them. Why do we try to avoid failure? That is a much larger question that I would like to tackle today.

Most of us are used to looking to others for approval, or, viewing outside circumstances as a gauge to whether we are doing well or not. The reality is, a lot of times the world will not reflect back to us success immediately. Just like planting a garden, we have to sow the seeds and then, there’s a time of waiting and patience while not knowing if the seed will sprout, we continue working.

How can we plow ahead without the fear of failure? Here is my little secret that I have used to help me in so many instances. Are you ready?

There is no such thing as failure. If you can look at life through this lens, you will find everything works out so much better. You won’t stress about trying new things, because trying simply means experimenting. I want to experiment and see if this will work. I want to learn and grow. I care about that more than I do about getting it right the first time.

You see, failure is simply a gauge to help us learn what not to do. It’s just an unexpected outcome, and that can be equally as valuable as an expected outcome.

Life is your laboratory, so don’t look at a failure as the end of the world. Don’t look at a failure as something to be avoided at all costs. Look at failure as simply an opportunity to learn and grow. When you do this, failure becomes obsolete, experimenting becomes your new modus operandi, and you are the scientist looking to find the answers that fit right, in your world.

Go ahead and pick up the phone now. Call those ten dream clients that you want in your list. Follow up with those people who’ve told you “No” before with renewed confidence, knowing that there is no such thing as failure. The only thing you have to do is offer the opportunity, and others have the right to decide.

Congratulations! You never have to fear failure again.