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Number One Way to Succeed in Network Marketing

Number one way to succeed in network marketingI just read a great article put out by the News-Press about the Friday night sweet sixteen game when FGCU lost to the Florida Gators.  And here’s what struck me so profoundly.

Yes, they are a Cinderella team.  Yes, living in Dunk City is a proud moment for all of us here in Estero, FL.  But what I read impressed me even more.  It’s a quality the team displayed even in losing that is so rare, so powerful and so life-changing that my guess is they are bound for the top next season.  Do you know what it is?

Ownership!  In my book I talk about ownership as ‘crossing the bridge’ meaning that you are aware of the things you’d like to see change in your life and network marketing business but then you don’t stop there.  You look at what YOU have done to contribute to the problem and then YOU make a plan to change it.

Here’s a direct quote from FGCU point guard Brett Comer: “They did a great job of not (letting) me use the ball screen. They made me turn it down,” said Comer, who tried heaping blame for FGCU’s many miscues on his shoulders. “They hedged really hard on it. I didn’t make the right play out of it like I should have, and it affected us.”

Comer didn’t walk off the court blaming anyone but himself.  He didn’t say the Gators were too tough, my leg hurt, the game was too late…he said “I DIDN’T MAKE THE RIGHT PLAY OUT OF IT….”  Now that is the sign of a true leader.

The number one way you can succeed in network marketing is to take responsibility for all your successes and all your failures and keep moving forward.  Forget what so-and-so did or didn’t do.  You can’t control or change them.  But you CAN control and change YOU.

What can you do today to push your business ahead?

Make more calls.

Schedule more one-on-one meetings.

Start using your time more effectively.

Enlist the help of a trusted mentor.

Join our membership group for weekly goal setting and accountability.

Do you want to be a leader?  Do you want to see more success in your life?  Do you want to see changes in others?  Start by taking ownership and asking yourself, “What did I not do right?  How can I make a change?”  THEN, and only then, will you start to see the tide start to turn.  Stop waiting for others to change, stop blaming the economy, your partner, a bad break or your kids, and focus on what you can control, YOU.