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O (Part 2) – Observation On The Inside

O is for Observe Ourselves

Wow!  We’ve covered so much already.  Using the S.T.O.P. technique you can break free from unconscious mental patterns so that you can STOP reacting and start living.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process here is a quick summary:

S- Slow down and notice when you are being
T- Triggered.  Then take
O- Ownership and acknowledge that the trigger is in you.  

Now we will continue with the second part of the O which is Observation.

O is for Observation on the Inside

Although each step in the S.T.O.P. process can bring freedom, this one will help you to see what patterns run continually INSIDE your mind.  As a seed sprouts from the inside out so must the observation process start from the inside.

 The patterns you are observing in yourself are simply conditioned ways of thinking that block you from connecting and being at peace with the present moment.  The more you can identify these patterns within you, just by becoming aware of them, the more you can distance yourself from them.

You will become the observer of the thought, like a fly on the wall, seeing the thought for what it is, rather than believing it to be who you are.  Take this survey to see if you can objectively observe yourself in a trigger moment.

Did you notice any categories that sound familiar?  Write those down.  For today all you need to do is notice the patterns that are causing you to react.  By becoming the observer you will begin your journey to breaking free of these patterns.

Coming up next:O (Part 3)-Observation on the Outside, take a look at what is going on OUTSIDE of you.