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How to Overcome Underearning

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How to Overcome Underearning

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Barbara Stanny
Barbara Stanny

Last night, I had the privilege of hosting Barbara Stanny for a webinar on secret success, creating financial miracles. During this webinar, I learned so much about how women view money and how we view success and why for some women, it’s so hard to achieve the level of success we desire. Why is it hard? Because women often sabotage themselves because money equals power and they’re afraid of their own power.

[su_lightbox type=”image” src=””]Be Not Afraid of Greatness[/su_lightbox]Are you afraid to unleash your greatness and be the powerful woman you were meant to be? Do you know that feminine power is something that’s inherent in each of us. It’s not dominating, it’s not controlling, it’s not manipulative or bitchy. Embracing your feminine power is embracing greatness. It’s embracing your ability to impact the world, to impact your family and to transform yourself. It all starts with you.

If you have questions about growing your home business, if you feel stuck, if you see leaders who are accomplishing more than you and you’re wondering why it’s so hard, why it’s taking so long and how you can get there, if you see the possibility and you know that the path is clear and that others have done it and yet you’re not experiencing it, maybe it’s because underneath it all you are afraid of your own power. You’re afraid of what others will think about you. You’re afraid of how relationships may have to shift or change as you embrace your greatness.

What is the alternative? To play small? To cater to others? To be less than we were designed to be? To live a life that’s unfulfilled and unimpactful? Is that worth what we are avoiding.

Today, I ask you, I beg you, I urge you to look inside and see where you are afraid.

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  • What is holding you back?
  • What would it be like if you could step into your greatness?
  • How do you feel about those who make money?
  • How do you feel about those who make a lot of money?
  • Do you feel they’re entitled?
  • Do you feel they’re selfish?
  • Do you feel that they only care about themselves?

Can you think of examples of people who are so rich in money they are also rich in spirits? They give more than anyone. Think of people who have given more than you have earned in one year. Think of that. Imagine what it would feel like to go to a fundraising event and write a check to your favorite organization for ten thousand dollars. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

[su_lightbox type=”image” src=””]Don't be Afraid to be Amazing[/su_lightbox]Isn’t that what greatness is all about? It’s first being able to provide for yourself and your family, but much larger than that, it’s being able to impact the world. Ask yourself these tough questions today. See why you’re underearning. See why you’re playing small. Ask yourself what it’s going to take for you to push yourself to the edge of fear, make yourself uncomfortable and do what you know you need to do in order to fulfill your greatness.

Comment below and let me know what you’re going to do today to make your life and your world and better place. I’m working on me and I encourage you to continue working on yourself one day at a time. That’s how it works, from the inside out.