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Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

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Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection. We all face it in some way or another. Our child isn’t invited to a birthday party so we try to shield them from the disappointment. We see Facebook pictures of a surprise 40th birthday we weren’t invited to and we try to pretend we don’t care, but inside we wonder why our name wasn’t on the list.

Most of us started our home businesses with a lot of passion and excitement and vision. We may have attended a company event or read success stories of others.

“If Susan can make this business work, so can I,” we say with conviction.

Then we hesitate to pick up the phone and when we do we hear, “No thanks,” (or worse) and our excitement dampens. We try to craft the perfect Facebook and “Shit,” only one like? From my mom! We schedule a launch party and of the twenty people we invited only one shows. Thanks mom!

Now the passion has died down. The vision is foggy and we aren’t quite sure this was ever going to work anyways.  Oh well. I knew it was too good to be true.

But what if rejection was not real? What if there really was NO SUCH THING AS REJECTION?

That thought occurred to me yesterday while in conversation with a very smart friend.


Think about that for a second. How could that be true?

Well the only way we can feel rejection is if we need someone to approve of us. If we’re looking for validation and acceptance on the outside then sure rejection absolutely feels real.

The truth is, if you’re feeling rejection, you have probably unconsciously handed over your power to the other person on the end of the phone call, or the receiving end of the email or the group of people you invited to your launch party.

Seriously, are you allowing them to determine your future?

Rejection is a form of misplaced attention and misaligned focus. It’s over focus on others and no enough focus on yourself. Dr. Woulas and I talk about that in Focus on You: Your Needs Matter Too.

Today I want to encourage you (and myself) to stick to your plan. Look at your home business  as an opportunity to share your light with others who are ready to receive it. And if they’re not ready, if they don’t get it, if they’re not open. That’s okay. You did your job to offer. That is the only thing in your control. Don’t allow what you can’t control (hint: their response) to encourage or discourage you.

Detach from the outcome. Plant as many seeds as possible and allow the universe to determine which ones germinate and grow. Then you be available to nurture the ones who are blossoming.

Got it?

No more rejection. There is NO SUCH THING. It may seem there is. But that is just a red flag that you have given away your power to someone else and you need to take it back. That’s all. Just an alert that you need to make a mental shift and focus more on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

Book launches tomorrow!  I am ready.  Are you?