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Overcoming Guilt and Asking for The Sale

Copy of Blog Art Template (1)Are you ready to power up and become a leader on your network marketing team? Of course you are! Then let’s take another step ahead and talk about greed.

For some people, asking for money is easy.  You know these people.  They are smooth and know just what to say to close a deal.  And they do it with confidence where everyone comes out a winner.

That hasn’t always been true for me.  I often felt this lingering feeling that I am being greedy to ask for a sale or talk about money.  I questioned my motives and analyzed my worth and left money on the table in the process…just to be polite.  Maybe you have done that too?

Well I think I have finally laid this feeling to rest and I want to help you leap over this simple hurdle so you can really start kicking butt in your business.

Once you are able to establish ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing, once you understand the value of what product or service you are offering and once you are aware of the need that others have for what you have to offer it becomes a no-brainer.

Listen in as I share my first in the “Messy Hair Motivation” series where I come to you raw, unedited and real (usually after a morning run).  Are you ready to power up and own your worth!  Let’s get moving.  And make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter “The Buzz” to keep you on track every Sunday!