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Overcoming Self-Doubt in Direct Sales

15 10 13 self doubtWhen I started my coaching practice back in 2010 I was so passionate about helping other women succeed in life and yet I was so afraid that no one would take me seriously.  After all wasn’t I just an at-home mom faking it? I would put on my professional dress and high heels, drive the mini-van to school to drop off the kids and head into the office all the while thinking, “Is anyone believing this?”

We’ve all be there at some point in our lives.  Feeling like we’re a fake.  We don’t have enough success under our belt yet to know we can do it and yet, in order to have those successful experiences we’re going to have to DO something.  Remember some action is better than no action.  If you try something and you get the results you hoped for that’s great!  If not, that’s great too!  Just be willing to change your approach and try again.

Here are some quick tips on creating more confidence and overcoming self-doubt so that you can sail to success in your direct sales business.  Comment below and tell me about a time when you doubted yourself and how you were able to overcome those feelings and push onward.  Maybe you’re still stuck?  Share that with me to.  I’d love to help you.  And if you found value in this please share it with others.

Always cheering for your success, April