P is for Presence

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P is for Presence

Do I want this present moment to be my friend or my enemy?
~Eckhart Tolle

Kathy is floating in the pool when she notices a little bug helplessly swimming next to her.  She gets off her raft and scoops him up with her hands to rescue him from his impending doom.  Looking eye level at the ground in front of her she watches him dry off, slowly meandering through the puddle.  He seems a bit disoriented and wonders if he will make it.  She hopes so.

Be here, now.  That is presence.  In this final step of the S.T.O.P. process, Presence, grounds us in the present moment.   That is the entire goal, if it could be simplified to such a degree as this.  Life is lived in the moment, and now is the only moment that matters.  Can you see how this all ties in together?  The whole process is getting us to release our ideas of how things should be, how we wish they were, or how if they were different than they are now things would be better.  S.T.O.P. is helping us to become aware that when we are reacting based on our judgments of the past, or our fear of the future we miss what is going on now.  Detaching from those feelings and reactions, even if only for a moment, will help us to start living here, now.

This is the moment where we have surrendered our compulsion to react and we begin responding.  This is truly what makes our journey to losing reactivity so powerful.  When we react we resist the present moment.  We are in effect telling ourselves and the world, “This is not okay with me and I am going to kick and scream unless things change!”  When we respond we embrace the present moment in whatever form it takes and use it to change our perception.  We use our trigger moments to bring us into a state of presence, objectively seeing what is going on before us.  Only then can we effectively come up with a solution.

Allow the present moment to be your friend, not your enemy.  Release the judgment of the moment, especially because you have no idea what is coming next.  Sometimes our biggest challenges can, and most likely will, be our biggest successes as well.  So slow down, notice your trigger moment, observe yourself and the situation and then you will be able to bring a peace, a presence and a positive solution to your problem.  If you want to, think of it like this, your presence, is a present, to you…and to the world!

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