The Hive 005- Personality Test

Yay you!  You’ve made it to our secret Personality Test page.  Go through the ten questions quickly and trust your gut.  Click Here to take it now or print it out.  It will only take 5 minutes.  But make sure you get a pencil and paper out to record your answers and then add them up.

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As you know word of mouth is the best way to build a business.  Why? Because we all like to do business with people we know, like and trust and then refer them to other people.

I’m sure you have seen this is the most powerful way to grow your business too.  Someone buys your product, or attends a party you hosted, or meets you at an event.  Then what happens next?  You build a relationship with them and they refer you more business.

If The Hive has worked for you and your business over the past month I am relying on you to help spread the word.

Is there one person you could offer a free week trial to today?

Would you do this for me?  In return I’ll pay you $10/month (when they sign up) for the entire life of their membership.  Residual income you have to do nothing more for than help point them in the direction to sign up.  That could equal $120/year for just one conversation and multiply that times how many people you think this could help.

10 people? $1200/year from me.  There is no top limit to this number.

PLUS if you are referring your team, they are going to be much more productive on a weekly basis and your leadership income will grow as a direct result of their increased performance.

PLUS you’ll alleviate some of the coaching responsibility by enlisting my professional help to come along side you in coaching your team.  How easy is that?!

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