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How To Reach More People More Quickly

How To Reach More People More Quickly

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How To Reach More People More Quickly

What is the best way to reach more people more quickly to grow your home business? I’m often puzzled when I hear the answer to this question.

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  • Call more people everyday
  • Friend more people on Facebook
  • Go to more networking groups
  • Join more organizations

While these are not ineffective ways of reaching some people they are not the most effective way to leverage your time.

So HOW can we reach more people more quickly?

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Smart marketing is creating content that will work for you. The beauty of our business model (and the challenge for many when they start) is that it is not an arrangement of trading time for money. You show up and work for 5 hours and you get paid $50/hour so you just made $250. No.

When you started your business, you may have worked 50 hours and earned $250 because you are earning while you are learning and there is a steep learning curve. Accept it. Don’t quit.

BUT the beauty of it, is that over time your skills develop, you get more proficient, your confidence grows and your sales team grows, you learn how to build both sides of your business (your customer base and your sales team) and it becomes a residual income structure where you are earning off your efforts plus the efforts of many.

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Like the popular saying, “I’d rather earn 1% off of 100 people’s effort than 100% of my own effort.” This is the key to success in this industry.

So what does that have to do with marketing? Everything!

When we are making phone calls, and hosting home meetings, and direct messaging friends on Facebook and attending networking events we are trading our personal time for money. And there is a limit to our time.

Now there is absolutely a purpose to networking after all we are in a people business so there is no way to get out of this 100%, nor would we want to, right? I mean, I love people that’s WHY I love this business.

However, I would love to have some part of my lead generation engine working for me without demanding my personal time. This is Smart MARKETING.

As Ray Higdon said at Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp (see my notes from day 1 and day 2), If you have to rely on finding new people to talk to that is intellectually lazy! Tough pill to swallow. If people aren’t reaching out to talk to YOU you have not marketed yourself properly.

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If people are not reaching out to you regularly asking what you’re doing maybe this is why…

Marketing is not blasting your company name on Facebook. Marketing is not asking people to vote on which purse color they like better pink or blue. Marketing is not selling.

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If people are reaching out to you regularly this is likely why…

Marketing IS telling a story. Your story.  It’s allowing people to connect with you and learn to trust and like you. Marketing IS providing value to others whether they buy from you or not.

This blog…is marketing.

Do you see that?

This blog will be read by thousands of people even while I’m sleeping. You see, I’m sitting on an airplane right now, typing this on my iPad mini and when I land I’ll email it to Kris my amazing assistant who will make it look pretty and post it for you.

Then some of you will maybe buy my book. Some of you might share this with a friend. Some of you might want to check out my coaching. And the majority of you will just read it and close the browser. And that is OK.

My hope is that you will come back, of course. My hope is that this will help you build your business and that regardless of what you DO with this piece of information that you got value and that you might comment below and connect with others who hang around here too.

I, for one, am glad you’re here.