Reaching God

“It is quite possible to reach God.  In fact it is very easy, because it is the most natural thing in the world.  You might even say it is the only natural thing in the world.  The way will open, if you believe that it is possible.” ~CIM

But the questions to ask is how is it possible to reach God?  Where could you find the answer?  As I went through my own spiritual struggle I learned that it doesn’t have to all fit in a box.  You don’t have to, and it is not possible, to know it all, to understand it all, to have all the answers.  That is the depth of God.  And if you get to a place where you feel you know it all, guess what, you’re stuck.   When questions cease, so does learning.  If you desire a deeper spirituality, if you want to know the presence of God in your life, but feel somewhat lost, that is okay.  It’s better to know you are lost, than to wander around aimlessly without the knowledge or desire to do anything about it.

If you are at this place in your life that is great!  Why, you may ask, is it great?  Because that is the first step on your journey to find the answers you are looking for.  Sometimes, most of the time, it is in the asking of questions that the answers themselves are revealed.  So dig in.  Get a piece of paper and start writing.  Write out all the questions you have.  There are no dumb questions, and if you can ask it, there is an answer.  Don’t be afraid to ask the big questions, and the small ones too.  Questioning is what will activate your unconscious to start looking for the answer.  God wants you to know the answers.  Don’t let guilt, fear, shame, anger, pride or uncertainty hold you back.  Have courage.  Be bold!  The process of  asking questions, and believing that reaching God is possible, is the start to finding the answers.

If you feel stuck or aren’t sure how to take action to start on your path to reaching God you might want to consider working with a Life Coach.  A life coach is not a spiritual teacher who will give you answers, but a great coach will ask you insightful questions.  They will not give advice but will allow you to come to your own conclusions.  This is your life.  This is your path.  Open the door to explore ‘the most natural thing in the world’. Seek for all that life has to offer and believe in the infinite possibilities that are waiting for you today.  If you would like a partner on this journey to deeper spirituality I would love to work with you.  Contact me at