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Results-Driven Self-Honesty WTF?

Results-Driven Self-Honesty WTF?

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Results-Driven Self-Honesty WTF?

LOL, WTF and RDSH.  I know those first two…but I think that third one should be a new sales text abbreviation. RDSH.

We’d all benefit from a dose of it, that’s for sure!


Self-honesty is one of the most difficult skills for anyone to consistently and accurately measure. We often either over-estimate our efforts or under-estimate our results (or vice versa).

Self-honesty is what helped me realize that sobriety was a great choice for me.  I had answer objectively, “Have I gone overboard more often than not when at a party?” I didn’t want the answer to be YES but to be honest with myself I had to answer YES.

This is the personal side of self-honesty. How does this relate to home business?

Results-Driven Self-Honesty

Results-Driven Self-Honesty is a willingness to objectively look at your business results and answer this question, “Have I achieved what I want to achieve in my business and am I working to the best of my ability right now.” You might not want to answer this question either. So here are some simpler questions to break it down and help you to get brutally honest with yourself.

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  • Do I want to improve my current results? YES or NO
  • Am I using my time mostly for revenue generating activity? YES or NO
  • Have I been consistently improving my skills? YES or NO
  • Do I have clearly written out goals? YES or NO
  • Am I working with someone to help keep me accountable? YES or NO
  • Am I willing to change any of the above that I answered NO? YES or NO

Results don’t lie. I recently emailed with a number of women who are wanting to grow their businesses and I asked them these questions. In all cases they said NO to at least one of those questions.

Did you say NO to any of them? If you did, that’s amazing!! That is the first step to changing and improving your results. Self Honesty.  That’s getting out of denial that your results are anyone else’s responsibility but your own.

Now the second step is to change your habits. We can talk more about that in another blog. For now it’s good enough to admit that where you are and where you would like to be are two different things and that with some effort you can get there.

If you got value from this post please share it. Comment below and tell me which of the six questions you answered NO to.  I’d love to support you in your journey to greater results-driven self-honesty.