Simple Ways to Build Trust and Credibility

This week’s edition of The Buzz we’re talking about building trust and credibility.  Just yesterday I was able to use these techniques to connect with Vito at Firestone and Vinney at the Neapolitan Gourmet to establish instant rapport (even with my sweaty workout clothes still on) to the point where I could have walked out of the deli, groceries in hand, without paying.

In network marketing it’s crucial to be able to build trust and credibility to have this type of success in your business.  This can take weeks, months and even years and it requires a high level of patience and persistence as you build relationships that can eventually convert into business.

However, there are ways to speed up the process and dare I say make team building fun and easy.  Listen in as I share the story of Vito and Vinney and 3 simple ways to effectively build trust and build your business in the process.

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