Systemizing Hostess Training Course

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Systemize Hostess TrainingThanks for purchasing the Hostess Training Webinar. I encourage you to watch it once from start to finish to get the overall idea of the system being presented.

Then watch it side by side with your Google Drive open and pause and implement step-by-step. It will be a bit of a time investment on your part to get the system set up. However, once it’s set up you’ll be set to go!


Here is the image of how I set up my Google Drive folder: Hostess Communication. It will help you get a head start on how to set up the files. Then you just need to create the content in each email.


Google Drive image

Remember the few things you’ll need are-

1) Google account- The best case scenario is to migrate over to using gmail, but yes you can create a gmail account, set up the system and then copy/paste to your current email provider.  Not ideal, but can be done.

2) Google Drive- You’ll find this at the top right corner once you’re logged into gmail.  You’ll create a folder called “Hostess Communication” and then use a mix of documents, spreadsheets and forms to implement the system.

3) Other free resources- Bitly tracks the click throughs from each hostess form when you connect them.  Canva is a great free resource to create images to highlight each hostess RSVP form.  Of course you can use the image design program of your choice.

If you need more help just shoot me an email at  I’m here for you.

Keep Buzzing,