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Take Time For Your Life

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In 2008 I bought Cheryl Richardson’s book Take Time For Your Life for $1 from a used book dealer at a local farmer’s market.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  At that point in my life it was the perfect book for me and I devoured it.  She teaches all about taking care of yourself, or as she calls it the art of Extreme Self-Care.  I also have a special place in my heart for her because she is the Life Coach who introduced me to the idea of Life Coaching through this book.  I was visiting her blog a few weeks ago and she posted these tips which I want to share with you.    

Tips from Cheryl Richardson:

Ten Things To Say Yes To:
1.  Green vegetables.
2.  People who make you laugh.
3.  A goal or dream that won’t go away.
4.  Being in nature and getting fresh air.
5.  Sitting in sunlight.
6.  Spontaneous hugs.
7.  An invitation that feels exciting and scary at the same time.
8.  More rest than you think you need.
9.  Moving your body.
10. An open door that feels like an act of grace.

Ten Things To Say No To:
1.  Negative thoughts.
2.  Rushing
3.  Conversations with people who constantly drain your energy.
4.  The inner critic who tells you to play it safe.
5.  Pushing yourself to do more when you feel tired.
6.  Unhealthy guilt or shame.
7.  A request that immediately causes you stress.
8.  Second helpings when you feel full.
9.  More work when you already have a full plate.
10. Living life from the neck up.

Ten Things That Contribute To A Great Life:
1.  A pet.
2.  An ability to laugh at yourself and others.
3.  A home that nurtures your soul.
4.  A loving partner to share the details of daily life with.
5.  The good sense to back out of arguments that never go anywhere.
6.  Beauty.
7.  Good friends who mirror the truth with love.
8.  The ability to say “I’m sorry.”
9.  Becoming adept at feeling your feelings and trusting them.
10. A daily ritual of gratitude.

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