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16 03 01 Blog Title

It’s no secret that we’re all born with unique personality traits that stay with us throughout life. I learned that first hand when my second daughter, Molly, was born. The things I did for Sadie (just 17 months older than her) did NOT work for her.

I was confused and was beating myself up over the fact that she was crying more and I felt like I didn’t know what to do. Until one brilliant moment when my inner voice said, “She’s different…so you have to do things different!” That changed everything.  Here’s a recent pic from last weekend of my three girls and our new puppy!  Even our two dogs have different personalities!

girls pic

Often in business we forget that those we work with need different things too. Our strengths aren’t necessarily theirs and we can learn a lot from each other….if we embrace the differences rather than resisting them or trying to change them.

Last night I took a free personality test and I learned a little bit more about how I work, what inspires me, what my relationships look like, where my downfalls are, and how I can be even better at the things I’m already good at. I also learned what things I’m likely to need to delegate, what things would bore me and frustrate me, and what things will stagnate my success.

Take your test now and share this post with others so they can take it too. Then comment below and share your results. I can’t wait to learn more about you!  Being an ENFP is exciting. Only 7% of people happen to have this personality. Maybe you’re one too, and if you are in the networking business, it’s important to learn a lot about your strengths just by taking this assessment.

I encourage you today to take this short quiz, share it with your team, and also have them take it as well. As a leader, you need to know what inspires people and where they need help because it’s easy to work with people who are like you but if you’re going to grow a team to really reach the top of your company, you’re going to have people of all different types of personalities and you need to know with and inspire, motivate, and hold accountable each type of personality.

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Post below a comment, let me know what your personality type is, and have your team comment too. Share this post with them, and let’s all see how we can support each other and grow our businesses together.