Personalized Team Building Webinar

Share Your Success and Build Your Team With a LIVE Online Event on Network Marketing TV

Network Marketing TV ImageMost network marketing companies provide you with third-party tools to promote your business opportunity to others.  They are professional and also impersonal at the same time.  I have watched countless 10+ minute commercials from various companies and they left me longing for a personal connection.  Who is the real person that is succeeding in this company?  Not the glamorized person being interviewed on camera….I mean the real person.

Business, especially networking, is a person-to-person interaction.  I want to be able to ask questions.  Because I probably have quite a few.  I want to be able to hear what it’s really like.  I want to connect and converse and be inspired and understand.  This is what I aim to help you do for your team.

When You Host a Team Building Webinar You’ll Get The Following:

  • To be interviewed by April during a live online webinar which you can use to build your team
  • Turn-Key Online Event- All technology is handled and your registration page is hosted on our website
  • Full promotional material kit to use to share your event including unique trackable link, 2 customized images to use to promote on social media and email copy you can use to invite your team and your prospects to register for your event
  • The list of all people who registered for your event including their name and email and details including whether they attended live, watched the replay or did not show up at all.
  • A professionally edited 30-minute webinar video uploaded to Network Marketing TV showcasing your success to help your team share the business opportunity for years to come
  • A professionally edited 5-minute pitch video uploaded to Network Marketing TV to help you with personal recruiting
  • A blog post on our website featuring you, your company and your full-length webinar video.
  • Post-webinar promotional guide to show you how to use your webinar and pitch videos for years to come as automated tools to keep your business growing. Includes images, sample emails and social media posts, and suggestions for how to build them into your systems and share them regularly.
  • Added credibility for you and your business as you are showcased through a third-party platform.

Your time is valuable.  Make your story duplicatable and help your team share the business opportunity in a personable ‘real-life’ way.

Need more details.  Keep reading to see how others have used Team-Building Webinars to grow their teams and watch samples of both the webinar and pitch videos that could be featuring you!

Give Your Team The Gift of A Team Building Webinar

1)  What is a team building webinar?

A Team Building Webinar is a live online event, hosted on Network Marketing TV, where I give you center stage to share your success story with your company and help your team enroll their prospects.

Cherie Rodriguez QuoteI will interview you about your journey into the business, how you started building a team, how your life has been positively impacted by your business through increased confidence and the relationships you might never have cultivated had it not been for your business.

We’ll talk about time freedom, and how you are able to volunteer at your child’s school, or work hours that fit your busy schedule.  Then I’ll ask you how someone can get started and we’ll make a strong call to action so that anyone who is watching can take the next steps now and follow-up with the person who invited them to watch your event.

2)  Why does my team need this?

Great question!  Hosting a live online video event for your team to invite their leads creates excitement and a decision date.  There are those prospects each of your teammates has in their follow-up list that they haven’t quite ‘sold’ on the opportunity, yet.  This is an excellent way to help them.  You book the webinar.  You tell them to sign up and to invite their prospects and then you deliver a success story that helps them close the deal and enroll them onto their team.

3) But I’ve never done a webinar and I’m not that good on technology!

Then this is the PERFECT for you.  This is a turnkey event.  We do all the pre-programming for the event and we will schedule a pre-webinar meeting so make sure you’re familiar with how to use our webinar system.  It’s really easy.  I promise.

4)  How much does it cost for my team and their prospects to attend my webinar?

Anyone can attend the webinar for free as long as they register.  You’ll have a dedicated registration page here on my website branded with your name and business.  You send them here to sign up and we take care of the rest.

5)  How do I promote it?

When you purchase you’re Team Building Webinar you’ll get 2 images with your headshot and date (as seen below) plus you’ll get a unique URL and sample email copy you can use to send out invitation to your team, your prospects and have them send to their prospects to attend.

Instagram CherieImage 2 Cherie
6)  What happens after the event?

This is the best part!  After the event we will edit your video for you and upload it onto our YouTube channel playlist “Network Marketing Success Stories” (as seen above).  Then we’ll post it on our blog for you too! This is a great way to increase your “searchability” online.  See Cherie’s blog post.

You’ll get the link to both the video and the blog so you and your team can use them to continue to recruit and build your business.  I’ve already hosted business builders from Thirty One, Arbonne, Vemma, Pure Romance, Doterra, Accessory Fanatic and more.  They are all a similar format to this.  Don’t see your company featured yet? Then that’s a bonus for you!  Be the first one!

Here are a few examples:


7)  What other things do I get? 

You’ll also get a second 3-5 minute video that is targeted just to help you recruit for your team.  It is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will be featured on our Awesome Opportunities Playlist on our Network Marketing TV YouTube Channel.  Your name and website will be linked in the description and you can use it to help build your team forever.  PLUS others who are searching for a business opportunity on YouTube will have access to finding YOU!

Here are others that have taken advantage of this opportunity:


But that’s not all! You’ll also get a full spreadsheet of all the people who registered for your event to follow-up with afterwards. Plus we’ll give you an image like this to use on your signature line in your emails.  Optional of course, but very cool!

Screenshot 2014-10-06 08.32.17
8)  How do I sign up?  

To get started all you have to do is fill up the the form below now! I can’t wait to host a Team Building Webinar with you.