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Get People Buzzing About Your YouTube Channel

Here’s the dealio….whether you like it or not your website provided to you by your company has ZERO Google visibility.  And that is they way they want it.  They need to optimize their brand not you.  Consultants come and go but their brand is being built to last.

You need to think the same way about your business.  Are you building a business that has brand value that is specific to you?  Are you creating content so that others can find you?  Are you visible online to the world?  YouTube is an excellent way to answer YES to all of these questions.

Things you need to know about the value of YouTube:

1) YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine.  People are looking for answers and they are looking for people they can trust.  The most searched topics are “How to” videos.

2) Showing your face online puts a level of trust and credibility to what you do.  You are no longer an anonymity among thousands of other consultants, you are a star!  You are someone who is serious and who I want to associate with.

3) You duplicate your efforts when you create video (using screenshare) like I’ve done in this training video below.  I intentionally did not show my face on this video.  I just showed you HOW TO do it.  You can create dozens of these types of training videos for your team, showing them how to navigate the backend of the business.  How to put in orders.  How to do whatever you repeatedly do.  Record once through Google Hangouts On Air, save as an unlisted video, and build your library of resources for your new consultants.

Need I go on?

So if this seems a bit technical or overwhelming just hang in there.  I am here to help and you can always email me at  Or better yet, post your question in our Google+ Group and let everyone hear the discussion, learn, comment and grow together.  Deal? Deal!

Watch the video and then follow the steps.  I’ve outlined them below the video as well.


This week’s assignment:

1) Create a vision for your channel: Visit Network Marketing TV now and subscribe.  Get a feel for what your channel could look like and consider what type of info you want to provide on your channel.  Why would someone want to subscribe?  Who is your prospective audience?

You could have 2 audiences really.

Public Audience- Of your public videos 80% I suggest you talk about working from home, freedom to build a life you love, challenges you’ve overcome and just 20% talk about your company, products and opportunity. ALWAYS provide your website link in the description of every video you create.  Include best way to contact you.  You want to make it EASY for people to get in touch with you.   Always always have a call to action.

Team Specific Training Audience- Your unlisted videos are for your team to provide specific training.  Share the nuts and bolts of how to run your business.  Answer frequently asked questions from a newbie perspective.  Help them.  Motivate them.

2) Customize your YouTube Channel Header-  Create a header image in Canva– Use custom dimentions 2560 x 1440 px.  Upload it using the pencil on the top right corner -> Edit Channel Art.

3) Add in Your Business Links– First priority is to create a link to your business website, secondary priority is to showcase your social media.  Do this under the same pencil -> Edit Link

4)  Get familiar with the back end of your YouTube channel.  Just the basics this week.

Video Manager (from your home page)- Take you to the Creator Studio where you see the following options:

a. Channel (4th option)- Control global settings of your channel

1- Status and Features- Get Verified Click Here for Info on how to do that.  This will allow you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes and create unlisted and private videos.

2- Upload Defaults- Add in tags that will generally be relevant to all videos you upload such as network marketing, work from home, business, opportunity, goals, income, how to, your company

b. Dashboard (1st option) – You can view your channel statistic here.

c. Video Manager (2nd option)- You’ll see ongoing list of your videos.  This is where your Google On Air videos will be banked and you can edit them, change the YouTube Thumbnail, download them, change the privacy settings and add in a description for each video.

5) Create an Introductory Video to Use as Your Channel Trailer- Using Google Hangouts on Air create a video (less than 5 minutes…ideally less than 2 minutes) welcoming people to your channel, tell them who you are and what they can expect from your channel.  Then at the end use a strong call to action such as “Please like, comment and subscribe” or “I’d love to hear from you.  Email me at xyz” or “Click the link in the description for more info”.  Whatever you want. But explicitly invite them to take the next step whatever it is you decide you want them to do.

6) Designate That Video as Your Channel Trailer. Now find that video inside your video manager.  Click edit and then upload the YouTube Thumbnail you created in the step above.  Type in the description for your video.  Everything you type in that description box is searchable by Google so it’s great to be prolific here.  Make sure you link your business website.  Once you save you’re ready to make that your channel trailer.    Click here to see more info on how to do that if the video is not clear enough.

TIP 1: When writing your video description make sure you always us http://www. at the beginning of any link you provide.  Otherwise it will not be an active link.

TIP 2: The YouTube Thumbnail size is 1280 x 720.  You can make that in Canva as well.

7) EXTRA CREDIT: Change your YouTube Channel URL.  Click here to read how to do that.  It makes it easier to share and brands your channel to you.

If this takes you the next 2 weeks that’s okay.  Just focus on chipping away a little each day.  When you’re done with all of this email me the link to your channel so I can see it and be your first subscriber.  I can’t wait to see your work.  I know this is an intensive week or two and it is the last in our series of tech tools for now.  Next week we’ll get back into some motivation and team building strategies and there will be no homework.

I am so thankful for you and am cheering for you each and every day.

Keep Buzzing,