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I’m April O’Leary and I’m so glad you’re here. The Hive is a weekly goal setting and mastermind group for women, like you, who run home-based businesses. If you’re motivated to build your direct sales or network marketing business and you’re sure that you can do it with the right group of women cheering you on, you’re in the right place!


The power of having a home business is extraordinary. For those of us who have one…we get it. The time and financial freedom you can create and the lives you can touch make the direct selling and network marketing industry irresistible! Let me ask you a few questions.

____ Do you absolutely love your home business and you understand the potential you have to grow it?

____ Do you desire a place where you can network with other powerful home business women?

____ Do you want to learn how to be even more strategic when making calls, sending emails and asking for business?

____ Are you ready to climb the levels of leadership in record time?

____ Do you consider yourself a motivated and goal oriented person?

____ Do you often have dozens of ideas and you wonder what would be most profitable to tackle next?

____ Have you considered what could happen to your business if you had DAILY action goals and powerful mastermind attention?

____ Then you are ready to say YES and take your home business to the next level!


This group is for you, IF, you are one of the 20% of women in your company who has goals to build a part-time or full-time income AND you want to surround yourself with other women who are doing the same.

[su_quote cite=”Sharon Emory, Thirty-One Independent Senior Director”] Sharon EmoryThe Hive has helped me in more ways than one: First – it’s helped me stay accountable with my actions. I would say I was going to do something, and it would NEVER get done. I needed the accountability. Second – it’s helped me integrate technology into my business, to use programs or apps that make running my business simpler Third – It has given me the extra push to WORK this business, and not just be happy with mediocre. April WANTS my business to succeed and will give me tips, hints and advice on what SHE has seen that has worked, and won’t allow me to just give a good answer, without backing it up. Last – I’ve sold $8,000 in the last 2 months…and I believe it mostly stems back to the things the other ladies are sharing in The Hive and ideas that I’m running with and using in my business. [/su_quote]
[su_quote cite=”Danielle Russo-Slugh, Isagenix Crystal Executive”] Danielle Slugh Headshot Since I moved to FL, April has been an abundant resource and coach to me! The accountability and mastermind system in The Hive creates results. I have been a top leader in the industry in two different companies and I wish I had found this gem years ago! I cannot say enough great things about this lady I have come to adore! [/su_quote]
What could be more powerful than spending time each week connecting with generous and motivated women whose goals are the same as yours?

When you join The Hive you’ll receive:

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  • Weekly mastermind goal setting forum so you can wake up Monday morning, submit your goals and we will help keep you on track each week
  • Daily action goals and powerful intentions to keep you on the fast track to success
  • Develop quality personal relationships with other top earners across different companies
  • We want to celebrate you! Share your success every Friday and read through the successes of others
  • Get new ideas of what is working and what is not working in the industry and we collaborate and share tips and secrets
  • Exclusive Hive curriculum, written and designed by business coach, April O’Leary, delivered to your inbox every Sunday night at 5pm EST
  • Access to April in the group answer your questions and help you with technology
  • Keep on top of the latest technology with new website and resources shared often
  • Private monthly webinars and live Q&A
  • A chance to build a bigger business and help even more people see their dreams come true!



Want more details? Keep reading.

[su_spoiler title=”WHAT IS THE HIVE?” style=”fancy” open=”yes”] The Hive is a powerful mastermind group for women in direct sales and network marketing who want to grow their business and connect with and learn from other professionals inside and outside of their company. This is a blended group of women from across many companies and we are all helping each other succeed. How great is that! [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”WHO IS IN THIS GROUP?” style=”fancy” open=”yes”] final snipApril O’Leary, Professional Life and Business Coach, and many other top selling women who have network marketing and direct sales businesses. April is the author of The Networking Revolution: Five Ways Women Are Changing Their Lives Through Home Business Ownership. Since opening her own coaching practice in 2010 she has been committed to helping women exceed their own expectations in business and life. She love helping women, like you, win and believe in the power of home based businesses! [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”HOW WILL THIS ENHANCE MY COMPANY’S TRAINING?” style=”fancy” open=”yes”] That’s an excellent question. We focus on helping you generate ideas through A POWERFUL MASTERMIND FORUM, DAILY AND WEEKLY ACTION PLANS and MEASURABLE BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGIES. [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”I REQUIRE HELP KEEPING MY TEAM MOTIVATED AND MOVING FORWARD?” style=”fancy” open=”yes”] Certainly! I understand the challenges of building both sides of a network marketing business. Training new recruits while you’re also building your business can be time consuming and with team members at all different stages of their own businesses it can be a lot to juggle. If you sign up as a referral partner you can offer The Hive to your team and we’ll even thank you with an ongoing referral fee. This is all payable monthly directly to your PayPal account. [/su_spoiler]

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[su_note]One last thing. If you decide you don’t like it after 30 days you can cancel your membership. We want to make sure you love it so give it 30 days. Work hard. Show up. And I guarantee this is the group of motivated, successful women you’ve been looking for.[/su_note]