The Network Lunch Challenge

As the saying goes, “You are the sum total of the 5 people you hang around with most.” This week I challenge you to hand-pick those 5 people wisely.

Here is the Network Lunch Challenge:

1) Clarify your business goals. Decided clearly where you are going. Are you looking to build quickly? Are you in it for the fun? Are you working full-time and looking to replace your income or are you going to stay and want to grow this business on the side? Be specific about your goals for your business.

2) Comb your contacts. Go through your contacts on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram (wherever you hang out online) and email and look for ladies you know who have networking businesses but are NOT in the same company as you AND live in your area.  Make a list including their name, company, level of leadership and email.

3) Dig a little further. Can you tell where are they headed and do you like their energy?  Would you ideally like to get to know them better?  Do you share similar interests?

4) Choose 8, introduce yourself and invite. Start your own network business support group.  Choose a date and time that work for you (about 4 weeks from now) and invite those eight people to your group.  Ideally your house when it is quiet (if there is such a time that could work) but a public place is fine too.

5) BONUS CHALLENGE: Invite ladies who are WAY ahead of you in business. Look at this as a way to show your own leadership in making connections. It’s easy to invite and most ladies are happy to come.

When the date comes make your pilot lunch fun, social and friendly. No recruiting or selling, just sharing. Go around the table and let everyone tell how they heard about their business, what they’ve done to grow it and why they love their company. You’ll absolutely love hearing them share! I guarantee it.

It’s not even important to get a word in edge-wise. You know your story. Be a facilitator. Ask good questions and be a gracious hostess. If at the end of the lunch you feel a good energy invite them to do it again next month. If it was lacking try again next month with another group. Or keep the ones you like and invite new ones to fill in empty spots. This is YOUR group and YOU get to decide who is a part of it.

Having interviewed a number of team leaders in various companies for Network Marketing TV I can tell you that each has their own beautiful story, each is equally as surprised at their own business success and each has a heart to help others. You do too. I know that for sure.

Do yourself a favor and intentionally build your network of professionals to include ladies from companies outside of yours. Listen and learn. Share. Support. Connect. This is the true path to success. This is the way abundance thinking works.

Are you up for the challenge?

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I can’t wait to see what happens!

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