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Build Your Business with Us in The Hive and Have Success Like These Queen Bees!

Welcome to The Hive

You made it!  Welcome to The Hive, a weekly goal setting and accountability group for women, like you, who are in network marketing.

I know you want more!  That’s why you’re here.  Spend time in our Hive group every week with women in various companies, who want to work, learn more and help you too.  They will cheer you on as you are working towards the top.

Most of all being a Queen Bee you know that what you are doing makes a difference in the world.  By building a team and sharing the opportunity with others you are helping countless others in ways you might never expect.  As you build your confidence you’re helping others build theirs.  As you shine your light, so will they.  There is no price tag for those kinds of results!

Be a part of an amazing group of women from various companies who are serious about making their dreams come true and helping others do the same!

Here are the nuts and bolts of what The Hive is all about:

  • Weekly goal setting form to submit your goals and keep you on track each week
  • Targeted personal accountability to make darn sure that you get your tasks done each week
  • An outlet to share your success every Friday and build your business week-after-week
  • Exclusive Hive curriculum delivered to your inbox every Sunday night at 5pm EST
  • Access to me by email to answer your questions and help you with technology
  • Technology training to help you systemize your business using Google’s free suite of tools
  • 50% off all the courses on this website and 50% off any live courses we run
  • Monthly live webinars by today’s leading experts
  • A chance to build  a bigger business and help even more people see their dreams come true!

It’s time to invest in yourself, your business and your why. It’s time to build up yourself and others and watch as a community we all succeed.  YES!


Want more details? Not convinced yet that The Hive is for YOU? Keep reading.

What is The Hive?

You are the sum total of the five people you hang around with most often.  The Hive is an intense (and fun) online membership group for motivated and successful network marketing professionals, like you, who want to grow their business and connect with and learn from other professionals inside and outside of their company.  This is a blended group of women from across many companies and we are all helping each other.  How great is that!

Who runs this group?

Me.  April O’Leary. I’m a Professional Business Coach and since opening my own coaching practice in 2010 I have been committed to helping women exceed their own expectations in business and life.  What I’m really good at is teaching technology to help you systemize and grow your business, cheerleading you on to reach your goals and keeping you on track each week to make it happen.  I love helping women, like you, win!

But my company already offers training.

That’s excellent.  Many companies offer training for team leaders.  If you are a part of a company that provides training then this program will compliment your company-specific training.  We focus on the larger concepts that are necessary to take your goals and put them into weekly actions to ensure your success.  I bring in high level leaders from other industries as well to teach and train inside The Hive, like Anthony Iannarino (who has the #1 Sales Blog in the world and consults with Fortune 500 companies).

I like to think of it in athletic terms, since I’m a runner.  If you’re a competitive runner most likely you need a coach for cardio training AND you also need a strength coach.  Both combined are the winning combination.  As one Thirty One consultant said to me, “It’s nice to get outside of the pink bubble.”

ReachYourGoals-bannerHow is this group complimentary?

Great question!  Most companies can help you with big picture goals and have charted out a path to leadership.  Now what are you going to do each week to get there?  This is where The Hive comes to the rescue.

When you join The Hive you’ll get access to a weekly goal setting system (called The Honey) where you’ll have the opportunity to submit your business goals each week by Monday at 5pm EST.  You’ll be able to share them with the group or keep them private.  Throughout the week there is accountability and then on Friday you share your success.  You can see above that I also create a video highlighting a few members’ successes and their websites each week.

What other help does this group provide?

You’ll also get the following benefits with your membership:

  • Monthly webinar training from industry experts
  • Access to me via email throughout the week
  • Access to our exclusive book group.  Right now we’re going through 10X by Grant Cardone.  It’s another way to learn and connect with our members.
  • Access to our private Google+ Community open for your questions, posts and ideas.  Need a solution? You’ll find it there.
  • Weekly targeted emails to help you think deeper about your business.  They appear like magic in your inbox every Sunday at 5pm EST.  They’ll remind you to set your weekly goals too.
  • 50% off all our LIVE courses throughout the year if you decide you want to take additional training
Can this help my team?

Certainly!  I understand the challenges of building both sides of a network marketing business.  Training new recruits while you’re also building your business can be time consuming and with team members at all different stages of their own businesses it can be a lot to juggle.  You can offer The Hive to your team and we’ll even thank you with an ongoing referral fee of $20/month per referral plus 30% of any courses sold.  This is all payable monthly directly to your PayPal account.

Network Marketing Business Goals a RealityWhat else do I need to know?

I want you to know that this is your moment. Investing in yourself and your business can be scary and exciting.  I know.  I’ve worked with big names like Chris Brogan and paid very big prices along the way too.  But I knew that their expertise was what was going to get me to the next level and it has.

How about you? Are you ready to invest into yourself and your business.  It’s really as easy as making a 30-day trial commitment for just $49.  If you like it stick around.  You can do that!  That’s easy!

I invite you to join us in The Hive and uncover your inner Queen Bee.

How do I join?

Complete the simple membership registration below and get ready to exceed your own expectations in business and life!

This is your chance to invest in your business and your life.  We’re here to support you!

money back guaranteeOne last thing.  If you decide you don’t like it after 30 days you can cancel your membership.  We want to make sure you love it so give it 30 days.  Work hard.  Show up.  And I guarantee this is the group of motivated, successful women you’ve been looking for.