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Three Cold Market Conversation Starters

Three Cold Market Conversation Starters

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Three Cold Market Conversation Starters

Last week I was at a Barry Manilow concert and overheard a lady in the row in front of me say something that indicated I could probably help her. So I leaned over and said, “Hey I’m April. What’s your name?” She answered. I said, “I just heard you say XYZ and I help people with that. Here’s my card feel free to reach out to me I’d love to chat!” She was grateful and the connection was made.

I have always been chatty, and able to talk to anybody. Whether that’s at a nail salon, checking out at a grocery store, or getting my car washed, by the time I’m done I’ll likely know the person’s name, their family background, their educational background, and whether they like their job or not. I may even have connected with them on Facebook before I leave to stay in touch.

Not everyone feels this way though. Maybe you’ve struggled to find the words to open up a new conversation? Maybe you overheard a conversation and knew you could help and didn’t have the guts to speak up. Today I want to teach you the three easiest ways to open up a conversation, and get people talking about themselves. Ready? Let’s chat!

[su_service title=”What are you up to these days?” icon=”” icon_color=”#98D400″]This question is great because it is non-specific and allows a person to answer with a personal or professional answer. You never know where someone will go with it. Maybe they’re a banker, but they might tell you about their long-distance biking. Maybe they’re an at-home mom, but they say that they’re job hunting. This leaves you with a lot of information to ask further questions.[/su_service] [su_service title=”What has your attention these days?” icon=”” icon_color=”#98D400″]This is another version of question number 1. What has your attention is a little different because your attention might be on something a little more emotional. Maybe you’re worried about your mother, who’s not feeling well. Maybe you’re taking a big trip, and you’re busy planning. Maybe you’re thinking about adding a new pet to your family, and have been researching dog breeds. This is just another way to ask someone what is going on in their world, and then make connections for them.[/su_service] [su_service title=”How can I help you?” icon=”” icon_color=”#98D400″]This is my favorite question. Once you find out a little bit about what someone is interested in, what their attention is on, or what they’re doing, you can ask how you can help them. Maybe they’re looking for a connection. Maybe they need a recommendation for a place to buy something they’re interested in. Maybe they’re looking for a referral for a new doctor. In any event, make your best effort to help them get what they want. By doing this you’ll strengthen the relationship and increase your trust and credibility, not with just that person, but so they can refer you to others.[/su_service]

Over time, asking these 3 questions will help you talk to numerous new people, gain new insights and information, and help more people get what they want. In the meantime, as Zig Ziglar says, “When you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.”

How do you open up a conversation with someone new? Comment below and share with me your besttips.  And please click a social button and share if you got value.