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Three Ways to Be An Awesome Accountability Partner

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Blog TemplateAre you an awesome accountability partner?

Good morning. Well, it’s 6:42 a.m. and I just finished a 4-mile run with my neighbor, Lynn. It was tough getting out of bed at 5:30, and believe me I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for meeting a neighbor out on her driveway.

When I created The Hive over a year ago I saw a need for women who are busy building our home businesses, to have a group that provides accountability and friendship.  Why?   Because we are often alone and looking for new ideas and strategies for building our businesses.  We want to know what works and get it done efficiently.  Yet we have the challenges of raising a family, maintaining household responsibilities, and possibly another part-time or full-time job and this can create a perfect storm for distraction.


I knew within myself I needed that same thing, too. So I’m excited to announce the re-opening of The Hive!  The group will officially kick off Feb 1st, but if you join before Jan 31st you’ll have a chance to get inside the private Facebook group early and I’ll send you a signed copy of The Networking Revolution the day it releases, January 19th!

Accountability is 100% what it takes to succeed in business, along with a fierce competitive spirit, a desire to be better, and a partner to get you out of bed and running quickly towards your goals.

Let me share with you are some of the key components of a solid accountability program and how you can start one on your own with a friend or consider joining ours here at


A great accountability partner has the following traits:

  1. They Match or Exceed Your Skill Set and Motivation Level.

Find someone who is matched in their skills or excelling further than you are right now. To be accountable you need someone who’s equally as committed as you, and is pushing forward. You don’t want to find an accountability partner who’s going to be challenging to motivate or who is less skilled.  In that case you would be a mentor not a colleague. Find someone who is going to push you in your skills and be competitive with you so that you can grow quicker.

  1. They Are Reliable.

Find someone who’s reliable. Reliability is a very uncommon quality. What about you? Are you reliable? Do you keep your word? When you say you’re going to do something, do you actually do it on time or do you push dates back?

Next week I’m speaking here in Florida and the event on January 13 was almost switched for the date, except that they know that when I commit to something I will not change it.  Move forward and do what you say you’re committed to doing.  Be reliable and only seek out an accountability partner who is reliable too.

  1. They Are Willing To Commit to a Regular Schedule.

You need to schedule in advance what you’re going to do for the week, for the month and, most likely, for months and months in advance. Do you have somebody who’s going to commit to that kind of schedule, because building a relationship takes time? Learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses takes time. Committing to that kind of accountability requires that somebody is going to be there day in and day out. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to check in every single day. This just means that there is an agenda and a format and a purpose to that accountability relationship.


If you have an accountability partner who embodies those three things to hold you accountable, count you blessings.

If you need any accountability partner, I’d be happy to be the one showing up virtually on your doorstep at 5:30 a.m. and saying, “What are you going to do today. Get out of bed. Smile. Rise and shine and make it a great day.”

I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business through weekly goal setting and daily action plans.  Thanks for being here.  You’re so important to me.

Remember The Hive will be re-opening on February 1st, with the launch of our brand-new book, The Networking Revolution, Five Ways Women Are Changing Their Lives Through Home Business Ownership.  Check it out now.