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Tim Storey: Turn Your Setback Into a Comeback

15 05 20 Tim Storey quote“Life is doing something good behind your back and you don’t even know it,” encourages Tim Storey.  His retelling of the story when he saw Oprah’s audition tape for the Color Purple gave me chills.  She made mistakes, dropped lines and refocused.  Leaving to go back home, no one told her she had gotten the part that changed her life forever.  She didn’t know.  She.  Got.  The.  Part!

Life can be like that.  You have to show up and make the mistakes.  You have to be willing to accept correction and refocus.  You have to know that life is on your side.  You are just one small step away from your next breakthrough.  Now is not the time for quitting.  Now it the time for winning.

Watch this short video excerpt of Tim sharing his experience of losing his father at age 10 on Oprah how he was able to  Turn a Setback Into a Comeback.

Enjoying a night out with amazing friends! <br> Katherine, Jennifer, April, Tim, Danielle and Lisa
Surround yourself with positive friends who ‘get’ you! Katherine, Jennifer, April, Tim, Danielle and Lisa

We’ve all been there in business and in life. We’ve had our share of setbacks. Things that at the time we just didn’t see how they would work out. Things that we didn’t plan to happen and didn’t want to happen. In retrospect, those setbacks often become the catalyst for positive change. If we allow them to be. If we are willing to be a victor and not a victim.

This one shift in mindset can change everything.  When you KNOW that life is doing something good behind your back you can face each day without fear of failure.  Why? Because there is no such thing as failure.  Just opportunities to learn and grow.  Opportunities to get stronger and better.  You want that right?

Here’s the one caveat.  You have to stick with it long enough to allow the seeds you’ve planted, the relationships you’ve nurtured, the ground you’ve watered to bring forth the harvest.  Don’t curse the ground because it hasn’t yielded the fruit yet.  Keep planting.  Keep watering.  Just.  Keep.  Growing.  Soon enough your harvest will come.

April with Debbie McDowell, Program Director of Paul Mitchell of Fort Myers

Special thanks to Tina Black, owner of the Paul Mitchell The School Fort Myers, and Debbie for inviting me to hear Tim speak to her amazing community of students all on a path to new careers in hair design.  I took pages and pages of notes.

Humor me as I recap them with you below and I promise you will learn something too.

Plan and Grind- work your dreams.  “Everyday I’m hustlin!”  Dreaming isn’t enough.

Law of the Harvest- Plow the ground, plant the seeds (do what’s right even when you don’t feel like it), water and harvest.

Brilliant people can shift.  They know how to change their attention and shift their focus.

Life is doing something good behind your back and you don’t even know it.  The Color Purple was a game changer for Oprah.  In 1985 she was making $60,000/year.  Today she is worth $4 billion!  You have to be prepared for your break.

Create Uncommon Plans
Exercise Uncommon Discipline
Take Uncommon Risks
Have Uncommon Friends

They don’t do what everyone else is doing.  Don’t settle.  That’s what everyone else is doing.  And sometimes it doesn’t feel like settling because everyone is doing it.  Beware!

The bigger the risk –> The bigger the reward

Know that you have to start on the low dive.  Take it one level at a time.

15 05 25 tim storey comeback kidsThink big in small places.  Tim travels the globe sharing his inspirational message with kids in tough poor areas.  Spreading the hope that they too can think big through Comeback Kids! Donate now.

The Marines spend millions of dollars a year scraping off barnacles from their boats.  Why? Barnacles create drag which then inhibits their performance.  Who and what are the barnacles in your life?  It’s time to scrape them off.  Slowly distance yourself.  Don’t allow them to have as much influence and input into your life.  Share less intimately.

Someone can’t stab you on the backside if you don’t let them on the inside.  Be nice but have tight boundaries.  Some of you are too nice.  Watch who you put in your inner circle.

Look at the price of everything.  What is it going to cost you to do this, not do that, hang around them? There is a cost.  You’ve worked hard to get where you are at, protect yourself.  Protect your work.  Ask yourself, “What’s that going to do for MY life?”

Life will bring you some people who will get you.  Life will bring you people who will help you because they LIKE you.

What your destiny is has always been in you.  Stop. Look.  Listen.  It will surface.  Tim was on his first international speaking trip at age 20 and was asked to speak at a grocery store.  Near the checkout area they placed a box for him to stand on.  Gave him a microphone.  He started speaking and in 30 seconds everyone had stopped what they were doing to listen.  This moment showed him that he had a gift.  Do you know what your gift it? Think of a time when what you were doing just worked.  There it is!

A comeback is not a go-back.  Leave the past behind you.  You don’t have to fix it.  You don’t have to bring people in your past with you to your comeback.  You decide.  Turn the page, the past can’t be fixed.

When your comeback arrives it might not be in the package you thought it would be in.  Look past appearances.

It’s easy to look at what’s not working.  Be grateful and realize how fortunate you truly are.  Somebody is hurting worse than you.  Find them.  Help them.

I want to help the strugglers.  Have that mindset.  Be a light in the world.  Appreciate and pay attention.  It’s not just in words.  Your presence is what matters.  Radiate positive energy and bring presence to every interaction.

Thank you Tim for your wealth of wisdom.  I trust our paths will cross again soon and that you won’t speak to me in parables! 🙂  April