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To Be Big, You Have to First Act Big

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To Be Big, You Have to First Act Big

Acting as if.  Be as though you are already.

This is a common problem with people when they start their network marketing and direct sales business. They feel that they have to have all the credibility on their shoulders before they can feel confident in what they have to offer. I can tell you that most successful people have to act the way they want to be in order to become that.

If you want to be a millionaire, act as though you are a millionaire right now. This doesn’t mean buy lavish things, spend money you don’t have and try to impress people with brand names. This just means to think with the mentality a millionaire has. Are they generous? Do they share? Are they willing to connect people? Are they petty and jealous, or are they happy when people succeed?

I read a quote recently that says, in order to become a big business, you have to act like a big business. If you’re a small business right now, let me ask. Are your finances in order? Do you have a system for follow up? Is your CRM a mess, or is it quite organized? How are you going to create a system that scales so that you can grow to the level you desire?

All of these things need to be in place before you can become a big business. Don’t operate with a small mentality.

Today I encourage you to assess your goals, and see if the systems you put in place for your business support you and where you want to be, or are you thinking that when you get there, you will overhaul your systems? It doesn’t work that way.

This year I’m working towards getting even more systematized in all of these areas so that my business can scale as well, and continue to support me for years to come. So whether you have 10 clients, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 your foundation will support your growth.

Think big. Be big, and act big even before you’re big. Have a great day and please share this with someone you love. It will encourage and inspire them to see and realize the greatness they already have inside of them.