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Top 3 Ways to Build Rapport in Network Marketing

14 7 15 Building RapportIn 1997 I was on fire. No I wasn’t in a fire, I was new in a church and excited to share the good news with everyone I knew. The trouble was that everyone I knew wasn’t so excited about my radical transformation.

What happened next? My excitement became my sole pursuit. My friends dispersed. The people I was trying to reach had closed the door of opportunity to me and I was left alone. In fact it became the loneliest time in my life to date.

I couldn’t understand why. I had just seen the light. But what I failed to realize is that I was pushy. It was all I wanted to talk about. I thought my beliefs were the ‘only way’ and I was not listening to anyone else, I was just trying to convert them.

Does this sound familiar?

Joining an amazing network marketing company can play out in quite a similar fashion. The opportunity to own your own business, make a lot of money and have the promise for time freedom is so great that we want everyone around us to see the light. We become the ‘born again’ businesswoman trying to enroll our friends and family in our business often turning them off before they have had a chance to witness our change.

Let’s be smarter than that. Let’s create a strategy for rapport that not only works to build your team quickly and effectively but also can keep your friendships in tact as you do.

1. Share your excitement tactfully– As the Proverb says, “Don’t throw your pearls before swine,” you want to make sure you are wise with whom you share your new business opportunity. A good rule of thumb is share then listen. Don’t go into any conversation with an agenda to push your business. If the conversation leads you to a place where they seem open to it then keep sharing more.

2. Take your time- Think of this in terms of dating. Would you jump in bed with someone on the first date? I didn’t think so. So don’t’ expect someone to jump into your business in the first conversation either. “No” doesn’t mean ‘Never’. It just might not be the right timing for them. It’s not a rejection of you or the business per se and trying to further convince them is, in my opinion, disrespectful. But if they are someone you are interested in pursuing a little further go for it…tactfully.

3. Live your business and life in a royal manner– Everyone can spot a winner. You just have to watch the way they walk, talk, smile easily and put you at ease. They exude confidence and people are naturally drawn to that. When you are building your business know that the system works if you work the system. Respect yourself by dressing nicely, be interested in others, speak well of yourself and focus on what is going right. Over time people will notice something is different about you and sure enough they’ll ask.

They say network marketing is a numbers business and then a relationship business. To me, with the right strategy for building rapport you won’t need to go through the numbers and numbers of people. When you’re not offending your first hundred or thousand prospects, I promise, you’ll build your team much more quickly.