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Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp with Ray Higdon- Day 2 Notes

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Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp with Ray Higdon- Day 2 Notes

Quick summary of HOW I  felt today being surrounded by a room full of amazing people.  Have you ever felt this way?

Here are ten tips from today.  So many more to come!

Remember that the 12 Month Shot Clock is running…in fact just determine what you want over the next 30 days.

  1. The Tim Ferris effect- People are trusting bloggers more than any other source right now- Tim Ferris’ blog yielded more book sales than being featured on NY Times and other media outlets.  See your blog as a powerful source of distribution of content and people will start to notice you.
  2. Bloggers are powerful– So many bloggers underestimate their power.  They undervalue their service and don’t understand how to create a business from blogging.  Learn the business of blogging.
  3. Vaccum– In order to receive more you have to create the space for something- open a giving account, a savings/wealth account.  Start your blog and fill it with content.  Where there is space it is more likely to get filled.
  4. Use your hub- Social media is a spoke that you can use to drive people to the hub, your blog.  Do not rely on your duplicated website to sell for you.  It doesn’t happen that way!
  5. P.S. Line is a great way to plug a program- Ray has generated significant business by adding a P.S. line to all of his blogs.  It’s a simple call to action provided after the post delivers value.  It could include an upcoming webinar, an affiliate link, a course offering, or whatever you can think up.
  6. Provide more value, have a system to convert people to help them further.  Enough said.
  7. The worst thing you can do is wait. Get in the habit of providing value. I’m learning something let me share.- Always have your mind on to look for ideas you can share.  Be an idea machine and you’ll start to see marketing, headlines, stories and helpful tips and ideas that your audience is waiting to hear from you.
  8. If you want more followers, ask yourself what are you providing that is worth of following.– So many people think they need more traffic, more eyes, more people.  But there is nothing there for them to see.  Be a consistent presence and people will start to trust you and show up.
  9. If you create education, you’ll have people tell other people for you. Word of mouth (and clicking a share button) is a great way for others to learn about you.
  10. There are a lot of people looking for help and they are willing to pay. Most people would rather pay 10x more to be walked through something personally than to buy a course and do it on their own.  Be a resource to help others speed up their learning curve.

Quote from RayAnd one last biggie!  Share this image and link back to this post.  The most valuable tip I got from today was this 3-step formula from Ray.  This addresses the most common question I get from my clients.  When can I pitch my business?  Remember it is all about solving someone ELSE’S problem, not about YOU.  Find more ways to help them.  Get involved with affiliate programs so you can share informational products to help leads and make a commission, create your own informational products.

I hope this was helpful and that you got some value from it.  If you did please comment and share!

P.S. Even if someone is ‘married’ to their company you can still help them in other ways.  A few of the courses I personally recommend when someone is looking to build a social media strategy, start or improve their blog, work more efficiently or get started with webinars are:

10K Social Media Formula by Jessica Higdon

The 3 Minute Expert by Ray Higdon

Work Like You’re On Vacation by Rob Hatch

Webinar Jam (which I use to host all my webinars)