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Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp with Ray Higdon- Day 1 Notes

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Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp with Ray Higdon– Day 1 Notes

So excited to be sharing some of the highlights from today’s marketing training. I’ve also included a video with some very killer VIDEO MARKETING tips from the amazing Nadya Melton.

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Would you like to know a slam dunk formula for profitability in your marketing? Watch now and find out…I’ll share what I learned behind closed doors today during Day 1 of Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp.  I bet you’ve never heard some of this before!!!

Here are 10 MORE tips on marketing, prospecting and social media I think you’ll find helpful (and this was ALL from the morning session!).

  1. The more you put out the more you get back. – This applies to everything, not just marketing.  How much are you putting out there of yourself to help others? In what ways? How is your marketing bringing value to others even if they never buy one thing from you?
  2. How committed are you to being successful on a scale of 1-10? If you’re a 9 you may as well be a 1. Be 100% committed to your own success and be willing to do what it takes to be successful.
  3. Building an audience is always a good thing. This requires building your OWN brand, not just a company brand.  You may be with your current company forever and you may not.  Things happen.  Companies can come and go but YOU are in charge of YOU.
  4. Marketing is doing things in a more leveraged way to get people to reach out to you. It is not something that happens overnight or will replace active prospecting right away.  Plan to put in a lot of time knowing that the content you create today will continue to work for you tomorrow and for years to come.
  5. The Power of marketing correctly is you’ll always have leads flowing into you.  If you have to rely on finding new prospects to talk to…that is intellectually lazy.
  6. What happens when you build a following? Other doors will open simultaneously. People will want to interview you.  People will want you to speak to their groups and at their events.  People will PAY you to coach them and media will seek your opinion.
  7. Money can NOT be the main motivator, or else what will happen when you get the money you thought you desired. Create a bigger vision.  WHY do you want the money? What will it allow you to do? Spend more time with those you love? Travel to places you want to see? Give more money to organizations that are doing good in the world?
  8. Start thinking like a media company. How? Produce content daily that is congruent with your audience.  Create multiple offerings.    Entertain.  Inspire.
  9. What is the difference between marketing and prospecting? Marketing is communicating with people in a leveraged way. Prospecting is communicating with people in a non-leveraged way.
  10. Social media is a spoke to build engagement and drive people to your home page. Create topics of interest then use a call to action.  Social media is not a selling platform!


Here are some key questions to ask yourself if you’re considering taking the leap to build a brand for yourself, create a blog and leverage your marketing to the highest level you possible can.  These questions are essential to help you think of simple solutions rather than focusing on insurmountable obstacles that might have you thinking it is not possible for you.

First and fore most STOP using language that is focused on what you think you’re not good at such as:

“I suck at technology.”

“I am not good with money.”

“I could never do a video. I just look dumb on camera.”

“I wouldn’t know what to say.”

“I don’t know anyone.”

“I’m not an expert at anything.”

“I don’t have enormous results yet.”

Then START using powerful questions like these to focus on solutions such as:

How can I get this done?

What will learning this allow me to do?

How can I get better?

What will my life be like five years from now if I don’t do it?

What benefits will I receive if I do learn how to do it?


Quote for blogIf you have learned something that can help someone else share it.  You don’t have to be perfect (you will never be perfect…nor will I).  Do the best you can with what you have now and keep looking to improve it.

You will build relationships through your content not through your resume.

Make your surroundings, your content, blog, home base, so irrestible people are attracted to you.  Provide more value than anyone else.  Out educated everyone in your space.

A business solves a problem of a particular audience.  What problem are you solving? Focus on ONE thing.  Don’t just look at what you think works, look at what you want.

Who do you want to attract?

What do they need?

What can I assume they don’t already know?

Final Thoughts

This hardly touches on all I learned today.  The final tidbit I’ll leave you with is YOU ARE WORTHY of success and it’s time to CELEBRATE YOUR WINS ALONG THE WAY.  If you start doing Facebook live videos and you have 1 viewer.  Celebrate that ONE viewer.  If you finally get your blog up and functioning congratulate yourself for doing the best you know how in this moment.

Comment below and let me know what you’re going to take action on over the next week.  Where could you improve your marketing? I’d love to hear!  I’m cheering for you all the way to the top.