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3 Ways to Use Twitter for Network Marketing

3 Ways to Use Twitter fLast night at the Grammy’s was amazing.  I mean I wasn’t there in person…but nonetheless it felt like I was.  Ok, so I don’t have a huge 3D TV or a surround sound stereo system inside a private home theater or anything like that, but I do have an iPhone and a Twitter account.

“So why would that matter?” you ask.  Great question.  Because I tuned into the Grammy’s on my normal sized TV and typed #GRAMMYs into the search box on my Twitter app and BOOM I was instantly transported into the conversation of people around the world watching the Grammy’s.

I sat there in my tan leather lounge chair with my daughter Molly next to me reading tweets out loud to her. We were laughing at the ridiculous comments and replying back to snarky remarks.  I may have even posted a few of my own!

Think about the power you have in your hands using Twitter to connect you with potential customers, team members and connectors.  I used it to connect to the global audience of people talking about the grammy’s but you can do it to get on the larger conversations that are happening in your network marketing business.

Here are three ways you can do this:

1.  Follow your company on Twitter– Find the official profile of Avon or Arbonne or Amway and follow them. Make sure to check back often to see what is new in your company and be on the cutting edge of what your culture is talking about.

2.  Search relevant hashtags– Go to Twitter and type in #mlm or #workathome or #business in the search box and see what conversations are happening. You may also want to search the hashtag of your company #avon.  The difference between the two is @avon is a username and #avon is anyone who is talking about that topic.  You want to get familiar with both.

3. Find, follow and connect with top level people in your field and learn from them- Make a list of all the top level people in your company and add each person you want to follow regularly to that list.  You can retweet their messages and see how they are interacting.  See who they are connecting with. How are they interacting?  What are they tweeting about?

Really Twitter is just a platform for much larger conversations and connections.  It’s a great tool for quickly digesting relevant business information and sending out yours as well.

So last night I used Twitter for fun…nothing business related but today I am going on to do some business.  If you’re on Twitter (I hope you are!) stop by and say hi @apriloleary_.