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Two Mindsets to Build Your Confidence

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Two Mindsets to Build Your Confidence

I know this is a home business blog and you’re likely looking to read more about how to build a home business. I appreciate that and I understand the importance of adding new customers and increasing the productivity of those you recruit to be part of your team. While all that is well and good, here’s something you might be missing.

I learned these mindsets a few years ago after a rocky and stressful period in my life as an at-home mom.  I was tired of being on a constant emotional rollercoaster. So I practiced these two techniques with much success and share them in my book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.

These will help you let go of stress and frustration in your business if that’s where you’re at today. I promise.

Practice non-judgmentI can’t tell you how many times I have looked at someone, assumed something, and was completely wrong. One of my favorite books, “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie, she tells the story of going into a woman’s bathroom. She sees a lady who’s singing and thinks, “Wow, what a beautiful singer,” and then goes into a bathroom stall and sees that there is urine all over the toilet seat. Her mind jumps to conclusion thinking that woman must have been a transgender person who made a huge mess in her bathroom, and she became disgusted. She wiped off the toilet seat, put down the cover, and went to the bathroom. As she was leaving, she flushed the toiled and watched as it spouted up all over the toilet seat.  She laughed to herself thinking, “My, how much my mind judges.”

If you are in a state of judgment, you are missing opportunities to increase your sales and build your team because you’re not asking each and every person that comes across your path. You’re projecting stories onto them that are simply not true. Business building requires you to completely be in a state of non-judgment at all times. You will find your best business builders simply by practicing this one quality.

Number two: Non-attachment is essential.What is non-attachment? It’s the ability to be unaffected by outcomes. Here’s where non-attachment comes into play. If we’re not judging, that’s one thing. But we can’t be attached to results either. You either ask someone or you don’t, that’s it. Ray Higdon said in a recent “Periscope” that the reason he was able to grow his business so quickly and why he was so committed to getting 20 nos a day was simply getting a no had absolutely no effect on him. He would ask someone if they were interested to learn about the opportunity, he would share a video, and if they said no he’d move on and ask somebody else.

Non-attachment allows us to be more productive and our emotional state does not get cluttered with all of the back stories of the whys and what ifs and we don’t care about the reasons, because we have no idea what the reasons are. It’s not about us, it’s never about us. It’s all about where somebody is. If what we have meets their needs, great. If it doesn’t, no problem, we can move on.

I encourage you today to practice your business skills of non-judgment and non-attachment and watch how both your team grows and your confidence grows. Have a great day and I’m wishing you all the success in your home business.

P.S. Practice these in your personal life too and you’ll see how much more calm your relationships are. Don’t believe me? Read Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living. You’ll see my first-hand account of how it worked for me.