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Welcome to The Ultimate Love Affair Resources Page. Below you will find the videos and links that are referenced in the book. I pray that they may enhance your experience and knowledge base of yourself and our world and that this journey to a greater love affair with God would bring forth more love and acceptance for all people. Including YOU.

I was at a yoga class recently and the biggest lesson I learned about myself on the mat was that I am altogether too hard on myself. The instructor led us through a somewhat complicated sequence of poses and then said, “Let’s do it!” and he cranks up the high energy music and everyone continues the sequence at their own pace and level of practice. I, however, was lost. I was looking around, wondering what came next. I was frustrated that I was missing a pose and doing it out of order. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

It sounds silly now, but then it wasn’t. I literally was about to take my mat outside and leave crying. MY mind was torturing me, “See you don’t know what you’re doing.” And then I looked over at my best friend Danielle who was in a handstand. That wasn’t part of the sequence.


You can do whatever you want?


No one is judging me here, making sure I get it right?


I can just relax and have fun and try out my skills and fall and experiment? Is that allowed?

Allowed. The story of my life. Wondering if something is allowed. Needing permission to just be me. Wondering if I’m ‘doing it right.’ In that moment I felt the tears subside. I felt a smile come over my face. I was free. I too went into a handstand and decided to just play. I allowed myself to BE ME.

And wouldn’t you know the teacher walked by and said, “Awesome April.” Really? I let go of perfection, did my own thing and it all worked out. I stopped looking to the left and to the right to copy everyone else and I became just one ounce more comfortable in my own skin.

I often miss the joy of just experimenting and living because I am trying to BE or DO something with perfection. I don’t extend the grace to myself that I do to others. This resource page is my gift to help you explore more about who you are, how you relate to the world and embrace everyone on their journey to self-discovery and freedom.

You see, we’re not here to get a scorecard. We’re not here to copy anyone else. We’re here to actualize the inside that we know is true. For us. Yours might be different than mine. That’s totally fine with me. I love you just the same.

Here’s the short FB live I did after that class, still a bit sweaty and guess what? I don’t care. It’s real and that’s what you get around here. The chance to feel one ounce more comfortable in your own skin.

Day 12 Video:

Day 14:

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