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Success Comes In The Unexpected Wave

McNamara Surfs 78 Foot Wave

“One of the main reasons I’m doing this is to hopefully inspire at least one person to do what they love, to do what they are passionate about,” McNamara said. “I am living proof you can do what you love as a career.”

Just yesterday in Reuters, Garrett McNamara, big-wave surfer, was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for surfing the largest wave ever ridden….to be precise a 78 foot wave!  Click Here to read the article.

What struck me most about this story was that the day Garrett set the world record for big-wave surfing was a day he didn’t even want to go out and surf.  He spent the day before that out on the waters getting ‘beaten up’, and only went after succumbing to the persistence of his friends.  He had been surfing since age 17 and finally, at age 44, caught that enormous wave, on an unexpected day, when he just plain didn’t feel like going out again, but he did anyways.  This is precisely how it happens in life….you get beat up and knocked off your board, but the next day you get back on.  Persistence, purpose and passion WILL, over time, produce unexpected record-breaking results.

McNamara was literally ‘riding the wave’ in his life, a 78 foot wave to be exact.  He was also overcoming emotional obstacles, pursuing his dreams and taking on challenges larger than himself.  And for you, metaphorically speaking, riding the waves of life can be just as exhilarating and challenging and rewarding, when you learn how to ride them and not get bowled over by them.  Just like Garrett’s friends pushed him out onto the water that day, I want to be that friend to you, to teach you how to systematically ride your emotional waves, to push you to stop reacting, to encourage you to go deeper in your life, and to inspire you to find peace even in the midst of chaos, which is why I wrote Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living.

The great news is, once Garrett overcame the lethargy that was trying to keep him off the waves that day, and he got out there and decided to get up on his board he said, “I was totally in the moment. PCP. Present, connected and protected.”   Why did he experience ultimate success?  Because he showed up for life, he was connected with the moment and he was protected from the danger of the rocks he describes as very dangerous.  This is what being PRESENT (described in Chapters 10 &11) is all about.   Which means letting go of the past and not wishing for the future, but but being here, now, connected, protected and at peace.

Let me encourage you to take this journey to peaceful living with me.  My gift to you, this week only, is that I’m offering my book Ride the Wave: Journey to Peaceful Living FREE to anyone who takes a quick 5 minute, 10 question survey about life coaching.  I’m looking to revamp a few things around here and your input would be most helpful.  Click Here to take the quick survey about life coaching and get your FREE e-book of Ride the Wave (pdf or Kindle Version) a value of $8.99 on Amazon Kindle emailed to you today.

This week as you pursue your goals, maybe those you’ve been working towards for years, can you hit the waves just one more time?  If you see someone else is dragging can you encourage them to get back up and try again?  Can you take McNamara’s words to heart and follow your dreams to do what you are passionate about?  Make a decision to get back on your board and hit those waves one more time…today could be your unexpected record-breaking day!  I hope it is!

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