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Using Less Power to Get More Results?

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There have been times in my life and my business when I tried so hard, I put forth so much energy and so much time for very little results. In other cases, I put forth little effort and received greater results than I ever expected possible. Why the difference?

Have you experienced this kind of dilemma before? You don’t know where to put energy into what area? Last night, as I was cooking in the kitchen, I learned a lesson from my microwave, believe it or not. It was about matching energy for energy to get the job done.

In one instance, I needed to defrost chicken, so the setting of energy I needed was the defrost setting, and it worked perfectly. Then my daughter came out to melt butter for her pasta and set the timer, not realizing it was still on the defrost setting. Meanwhile, her butter sat there and sat there, and she started questioning what was wrong with the butter. Was the butter old? Why is it not melting? When the reality is, the power needed to get the job done simply was insufficient.

What does this have to do with your business? Well, everything.

If you are putting in too much effort and getting little back, you need to figure out how to match energy for energy. This is key in network marketing. If you are putting forth energy and it is being returned back, you continue to put forth energy in those areas.

This is in, prospecting, so important. When you’re talking to people, if they seem disinterested, you walk away. If they seem interested, you add in more energy to the conversation. You’re simply an energy matcher.

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Listen to the video below and see more about how I discovered matching energy for energy was so key to getting the job done yesterday in the kitchen. I hope this helps you. If you got value, please comment below and share with your team. I look forward to growing together with you.