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When I started my coaching practice back in 2010 I did a lot of blogging alongside of private coaching work.  But it wasn’t until 2012 when I launched the University of Moms that I discovered the power of video.

At that time I had a short video course as my site opt-in called “Find Time for You and Be Happier Too” and although it wasn’t perfect, it captured a lot of traffic.

To see where my video skills started you can view this mini series (no longer public) here==>  Lesson 1. Lesson 2.  Lesson 3.  Lesson 4.

The videos have gotten better over time and I use video frequently in my weekly newsletters, for webinars, screenshare tutorials and more.  I even have a newer video opt-in over at and you can check out my YouTube channel Network Marketing TV.  Remember to subscribe!

That’s why I’m so thrilled that my friend Kira Lewis asked me to speak with Kristen Hewitt at the FloridaSunCon.  If you’re a blogger in Florida this is a must attend event!

Kristen and I are creating a mammoth session to help you understand the power of video and to help you tackle everything from the techy stuff to the presentation of yourself, how to build valuable content and more.  You may even win a selfie stick!

Doing video doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Here are three ways you can hop into using video at varying levels of complexity to grow your business.  It’s time to let your face be seen and your voice be heard.  The world needs to know YOU!

1) Just Starting Out– Let’s say you haven’t used video before and you don’t know the first thing about where to start.  You start here!  Just focus on getting your first video up and on your site.

Equipment you’ll need: Selfie Stick or a Tripod with a phone holder and bluetooth remote and a microphone.  (cost for all this around $75).  You can record inside the Capture app and it will upload directly to YouTube when you’re done.  From there you can embed onto your website.

Beginner Video Equipment

2) Ready to Take it One Step Further- You’re wanting a little more professional feel to your videos. It’s time to step up your game. This includes a bit of editing which will be necessary in iMovie or Movie Maker too.  There is a steep learning curve but we’ll help you get there.  Kristen and I are developing a course to help you be a rock star on video.

Equipment you’ll need: Your choice of lighting set 600W Daylight or LED with filters, upgrade your computer camera, you might even want to upgrade your microphone to the Blue Yeti. (cost for all this around $170-200).

Intermediate Equipment

3) You’re Ready to Rock!– You have gotten comfortable in front of the camera, your content is solid and you want to play with some fun features to wow your community.  Note that to achieve this level you’ll definitely need some video editing skills.

Equipment you’ll need: A green screen backdrop and support system, you’ll also want spring clips to secure the backdrop and a possible camera upgrade to a Go Pro.  (cost around $200).  You’ll also need some video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker too.

Advanced Video Equipment

With a little bit of equipment, some patience and some guidance from us you will be a video pro in no time at all!  Sign up now to be an affiliate and you’ll be notified as soon as our new course Video for Business is available for purchase.  In the mean time look through the courses already available here on this site and earn 30% when you share them with your community.