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The BEST Home Business Model: Virtual Franchising

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What is virtual franchising?

Only the best home business model going! Shall I go on?

Virtual franchising is better known as network marketing or direct selling, and the concept is often misunderstood. So let’s back up and ask a simpler question.  What is franchising? Think Subway, Moe’s even Jazzercise is a franchise! You get the rights to use a name and operate a proven business system. Pretty simple.

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Gene Landrum, the founder of Chuck E. Cheese, a few years ago and he told me the story of how he came up with his concept. They pilot tested their ideas during the business hours and then went up the stairs to a room above the restaurant and reviewed and tested again. This became what was later known as Chuck E. University.  And so the business franchise was born.

Starting a Virtual Franchise

For an upfront fee, you could purchase the operating manual, attend a mandatory intensive training at Chuck E. University, and then launch your own franchise in your hometown. You’d of course have to secure a location, build it out and then hire and manage employees, carry insurance and all the other expenses a location-based business requires.

Now let’s move forward….what does VIRTUAL mean?

Remote. Not on location. No specific building. I have a VIRTUAL assistant and we are just an email or FB message away at all times. Will I ever meet her? Probably not. Does she work as effectively and efficiently as an ‘on location’ assistant? I’d say she’s MORE effective! And I wouldn’t want an employee sharing my home office with me!

So here is a simple way to explain to others THE POWER in your VIRTUAL FRANCHISE business in just 3 simple statements.

1) All the support of a traditional franchise and none of the overhead work as much or as little as you want.
2) You don’t need to pay employees.  As you effectively train your sales team they are paid based off their efforts directly from the corporate office. Whew! What a relief.
3) Your website is done for you and products ship directly to the consumer.

Watch this video to see how I explain Virtual Franchising and how you can magnetize people to you and add extra income into your family bank account.