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autumn moments When to Walk Away in Network Marketing

When to Walk Away In Network Marketing

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autumn moments When to Walk Away in Network Marketing

[su_quote cite=”Iyanla Vanzant”]You have to meet people where they are and sometimes you have to leave them there. [/su_quote]

I just came across this quote and thought it was so great for the new year and building your network marketing business. Why? Because often, those of us who are heart-centered entrepreneurs feel like it’s our job to help everybody, to save everybody. We’ve had such a great product and/or business experience we must help them see the light, solve their problems, help them live bigger, better than they already are. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

The reality is some people will want it, but many will not. Where I have found the struggle many face trying to succeed in network marketing is when they want something for somebody else more than that person wants it for themselves.

Having my own business with a health and wellness network marketing company, being a former collegiate athlete and understanding the statistics behind the global obesity crisis you’d think everyone would be rushing to lose weight and ‘get healthy’. Who wants to unwillingly suffer (and pay for) a heart attack or other unwanted medical crisis when you could proactively invest in your health?

Everyone! NOT.

Human nature is to procrastinate and not change anything until you absolutely can not NOT change it.

As many of you know, I’ve been in recovery now for over nine months, and I’m loving the journey. I will tell you though, that over those nine months, I’ve seen many people come and go.

It’s just like network marketing. Although life and death are often on the line for many of the people who walk through the doors of a recovery program, and typically in network marketing we’re not dealing with such situations in most cases.

The reality is we are dealing with people who might have bad relationships, they might have a lack of self esteem or confidence, they might need to lose weight, they might be unhappy, or they might be open to the possibility that life could (and maybe even should) be better. So what do we do?

We put on our cape, rush in and save the day with our product or opportunity. Because we have found the solution in network marketing, we think everyone else will too. But many people don’t, won’t or aren’t open.

And here’s the reality. They don’t want to necessarily to find a solution YET.

That is that big word YET. Many people who are a NO right now are not a no forever. They’re waiting until something worse happens and maybe then that YET will turn into a YES…and maybe it won’t.
I never had a DUI. I never spent a night in jail. I just saw that the pattern that was creeping in wasn’t so good so I decided to do something about it. Many aren’t so lucky. They have to suffer a lot more bumps, bruises and worse. They relapse, they recover, they are back on and then off again. Then there are those small percentage of people who see the vision and stay. They collect their 10 year, 20 year and 40 year sobriety chips. THEY are the winners.

They knew that to succeed was up to them. Not anyone else.

So hang around, stay patient, focus on people who want to succeed. Who are showing up to your meetings. Set boundaries and work with those who deserve your time and energy because they want what you have. Allow others to choose a path even if it’s unhealthy for them, even if their results are not what you think they should be because they may not have hit their bottom yet. That’s not for you to judge.

They may not have a huge why….YET.

But it’s possible the time will come when maybe that YET will turn into a YES. Will you still be on the course to help them when YES arrives? Just be patient. Stay the course and know that your success depends only on your daily commitments to showing up, learning new skills, following the program and taking consistent action.

May you have an amazing 2017. Please like and share this article and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.