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Two Powerful Ways to Build Your Home Business With Attraction Marketing

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Two Powerful Ways to Build Your Home Business With Attraction Marketing

Jessica Higdon talks about attraction marketing in our book, The Networking Revolution: Five Ways Women Are Changing Their Lives Through Home Business Ownership. Today I’d like to share a simple explanation of Attraction Marketing and how you can use it to draw people to you.

Think of a magnet. Attraction marketing mean that you are doing things that are attracting people to you. They see you and trust you and then ask you what you’re doing. That sounds amazing right? You can add in this type of marketing in conjunction with active prospecting, which is actively reaching out to contacts.

How? We all know that people do business with those that they know, like, and trust. I’m asking you today, are you somebody that others would say they don’t just know, but they like you and they trust you? You know this because people often come to you for advice, ask your opinion, and they’ll introduce you to new friends. What is a quick way to speed up this process? CONTENT!


The best way to use attraction marketing is to share what you know online consistently. You’re here reading this blog. You were attracted here because of…CONTENT.

You wanted to learn something and so you’re reading this.  Over time this focus on teaching will build trust and adds credibility to who you are as a business person.  Think about what your ideal client wants to know.  What interests them?  What challenges them?  What keeps them up at night?  Now you have something to write about.

Start a blog free today and start writing and sharing. If you don’t have the technical prowess then write out content rich Facebook posts.  The goal is to share interesting stories, tips and inspiration. NOT to pitch or sell.


This may sound strange, but connecting is a consistent strategy that I have used, not knowingly, for many years. Connecting comes naturally to me, as part of my personality I suppose, and I often see relationships where two people I know must meet because of course there would be synergy between them. I am attracting them to each other by an introduction.

Just today I connected one of my private clients who has a mindfulness business in Florida with a new friend who has a mindfulness business in New Jersey. Why? Because I thought they would have fun brainstorming together.  Make a concerted effort everyday to connect people and do so without the thought of, “What’s in it for me.”  As you generously share connections you’ll find others will generously share with you.

The more introductions we make, the more we build up the trust factor in our own business. Because when I refer someone, a good lead, or I connect someone and they become good friends, the trust level they have for me as a person increases.

Look today and see how you can start sharing your knowledge on a blog and connect people that you know in your network to other people who need the help that they have. These two things will help you build your business because you are building the trust factor in your network.

I hope this was helpful, and if it was, please feel free to to share it, comment below, and make sure you subscribe and got the free gift here. I would be happy to serve you.

Have a great day!